Apple Announce Airpods Pro With Noise Cancellation

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Apple Announce Airpods Pro With Noise Cancellation
Apple Announce Airpods Pro With Noise Cancellation

If you love Apple products, then you will be pleased to know that Apple has launched the exciting noise-canceling Apple AirPods Pro. This has been done not with some October product event, but through a press release. These earbuds are premium ones and are said to be released on October 30th. They will be for $249. These have been put for preorder.

AirPods Pro Initial Setup

Similar to many Apple devices, these AirPods are able to immediately connect to an iPhone and iPad. One only has to open its case and start using them. You need to have iOS 13.2 downloaded to the device, allowing you to have advanced features.

When activated, these AirPods will automatically pair with the phone along with all Apple devices that are linked to the iCloud account (such as Apple Watch, iPad as well as Macs). Therefore you will not have to pair the new buds continuously.

After this, you will go to the Bluetooth settings that will assess your particular fit. It will check if the earbud tips that have been selected are giving the right seal.

This test gets conducted by playing some music. The microphones will internally assess if this sounds like it must. The earbuds are also made so that they do not fall out.

AirPods Pro Design

Apple Announce Airpods Pro With Noise Cancellation
Apple Airpods pro

These earbuds have been designed to be light. This is a positive point allowing users not to be able even to feel that they are there. They are therefore comfortable. However, you need to be careful that if you lose one you may not even realize this for some time if it is not in your ear.

They are said to be good to use when running as well. They are lightweight and also do not fall out. The stems are shorter in comparison to the ones on the Airpods 2. With these, it was possible to tap them to skip tracks and activate Siri, but with the fit of the new AirPods Pro, this will not be a very comfortable experience.

There is a useful “capacitive force sensor” located in the stem, i.e. a small ridge present on every stem of the buds. You will squeeze this to switch among noise canceling as well as Transparency mode, squeeze fast to pause music, and “double squeeze” when wanting to skip forward.

These earphones have an optical sensor along with an accelerometer. This means that at the time that you pull one bud out from the ear or also when you insert it back in, then the music stops and begins accordingly.

Noise Cancellation Feature of the AirPods Pro

This is a major feature that has been highlighted much when it comes to these earphones. The AirPods do give wonderful, sound quality. It has been claimed that there is a noticeable richness present to the bass. There is even clarity in vocal sections at the time one is simply listening to some streaming music. When they are at half volume, their sound level is amazing.

The noise cancellation feature is noticeable as well as strong at the time it is turned on. This can be turned on by simply squeezing the capacitive stem located on the AirPods. This can even be done by going to the volume section located on your iPhone then swiping left.

There are two microphones that these earphones have. This gives internal as well as external sound analysis. With the former, the audio quality gets monitored in the ear. This will see if music is playing perfectly. It will change this accordingly employing an algorithm. With the latter, the background sound will be canceled and develops a serene listening environment. You can completely shut yourself out from the world with these.

AirPods Pro Pros and Cons


  • Noise cancellation
  • Top transparency pass-through mode
  • Better fit


  • Expensive
  • Capacitive controls are fiddly
  • There is USB-C charging cable within the box

With the new and exciting Apple AirPods Pro, expect to get strong sound quality along with high-end features. If you are willing to pay for them, then they are good ones to get. The noise cancellation feature is a wonderful feature that will allow you to totally immerse yourself in music or meditation of your choice. Apple Announce Security Features of Apple iOS 13. This update is compatible with noise cancellation feature

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