Apple just released it’s IOS 14 onstage at WWDC 2020

Apple launch event

The operating system was the latest version of the iPhone’s software, and it’s the most unique and most significant change to the IOS home screen in years.

The widgets come in different sizes and shapes, and it would be viewed in the Today view, but in IOS 14, the apple allows you the widgets to be added to the main Home screen in real-time alongside your app.

Widget Gallery:

To the new widget, there is a unique ”widget gallery” where users can add and customize their widgets. There is also a new Smart stack the allows users to use the most frequently used app around the day.

Apple has also announced a new ”App Library” view that automatically organizes apps into the lists and groups. Thanks to the new App Library View. Apple allows users to now hide the apps on their ”main” home screen. The look is very similar to the Android app drawer. But it has some additional features. Like it is automatically pulling out all your Apple arcade games into one batch.

Apple is also testing a new feature for its fans. Apple is adding the system-wide picture-in-picture to its IOS videos.

Much like the macOS, Videos would soon hover over the apps, and they can be adjusted in size or collapsed based on the side of the display to continue playing while you are doing other work in the background.

It can also work with FaceTime calls,

Apple is all set to launch the ”App clip” feature, which is a speedy, card-based snippet of the app that lets you access small parts of apps when you need them without installing the whole app.

Examples include accessing a parking app through the NFC tag or the Coffee stores, reward program. App Clips support sign in with Apple to avoid having to make new accounts.

They can be accessed again through the new app Library and work with Apple pay also. To access App Clips, Apple is launching a new QR-code format that uses both the visual codes and the NFC to access App Clips quickly.

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