Apple launched a subscription package with the new iPhone in October this year

According to Bloomberg News, Apple plans to launch a series of subscription bundles. You will see the new iPhone in October this year. Internally, these bundles call “Apple One”, although they are not necessarily named after them.

Additional iCloud storage:

Many different layers can use iCloud storage. It starts with the basic combination of Apple Music and Apple TV+. On the other hand, the more expensive bundle will add Apple Arcade, then Apple News+ on the next layer. And then additional iCloud storage on the previous layer.

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According to reports,

The high-end bundle will also include fitness subscription services that Apple has not yet provided. This will provide virtual courses and exercises that access through the iOS app and Apple TV. It will similar to the services of Nike and Peloton.


Bloomberg reported that in addition to these bundled software,

Apple also plans to start offering new software and hardware combinations. For example, the free purchase of Apple Arcade for one year and the purchase of Apple TV streaming media boxes. However, Bloomberg said that Apple does not intend to immediately include the monthly payment plan for the iPhone or Mac with these bundles. There is a possibility that Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted at in the past.

Details about price:

There are no details about the price or exact configuration of each bundle. These details are likely to change before the bundle release later this year.
There are reports that Apple plans to provide subscription packages starting at least in 2018. But it now seems more specific.

According to Amazon:

In recent years, Apple has paid more and more attention to the recurring revenue of its service business. Especially when sales of smartphones are stable. As Amazon demonstrated in Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime bundles faster delivery times with streaming music and video. And subscriptions can provide fixed income while locking customers in the company’s ecosystem. After purchasing Prime, you can order more products from Amazon. Apple’s subscription package can perform the same operations on its services and hardware.

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