Apple under fire: the company apologizes for another app store controversy

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Apple apologized for this after another controversy occurred on its App Store this weekend.

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg tweeted on Friday that the WordPress application has been “locked out of the app store.” Apple’s restrictions on the company prevented WordPress from updating its iOS apps.

The only way WordPress can solve this problem is to change its application state to include in-app purchases. The changes required by Apple (AAPL) (if implemented) will reduce Apple’s WordPress in-app sales by 30{7d6bb1f761e691f027164c9fe6d1ebbc4659a250013ce39dc45a15ede39dbac5}.

But the free-to-use website creator WordPress does not include any in-app purchases.

confused? The same is true for WordPress.

According to Apple, the problem is that WordPress has been advertising its premium services in the app-even if customers can’t actually purchase these services in the app. But when Apple started blocking the iOS update of WordPress, Mullenwag had removed the payment option.

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What is wrong with WordPress

Initially, the free iOS app provided by WordPress included a payment plan, but not in-app purchases. Users interested in premium plans and other service add-ons can only purchase them by visiting the WordPress website. This is described as a violation of Apple’s rules that apply to all developers in the app store.

But after further review, Apple determined that the WordPress application complies with Apple’s regulations. Applications that provide free independent services (such as WordPress) do not have to include in-app purchases.

Apple’s dominance in the app store

Apple is currently in dispute with developer Epic Games for violating in-app payment guidelines, resulting in Apple removing Fortnite from its iOS app store. The maker of Fortnite is now suing Apple, which further questions the dominance of the tech giant in the app store and its relationship with developers.

In court documents from Epic Games on Sunday, Microsoft (MSFT) made a statement of support for Epic.

Kevin Gammill, general manager of Microsoft’s game developer experience, stated in the document that “there are very few other options available to creators”, including “with unrealistic and unrealistic features on multiple platforms, including iOS. The engine has as many functions”. Gammill further pointed out that Apple’s withdrawal of developer tools “will place Unreal Engine” and other games “at a serious disadvantage.”

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