Apple’s HomePod Mini all details are here

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HomePod Mini

Apple started late in the consumer price-based smart speaker market, but eventually joined Amazon and Google with the $99 HomePod Mini.

HomePod Mini in black color
HomePod Mini black

You need to know some things like:

 The Mini is much smaller than the fourth-generation Amazon Echo speakers and Google Nest Audio. Although it doesn’t sound like any of them sound good, but in our unscientific home earplug test (after all, much smaller), it may not be important. This is a very useful speaker for anyone living in the Apple ecosystem, which makes Siri’s assistant approach more competitive with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

HomePod Mini sounds great as a TV speaker

HomePod Mini a mini speaker
HomePod Mini as a speaker

Are you worrying about Apple’s speakers spying on you? So please don’t, Because Apple’s privacy policy is different from Google and Amazon. The company is not in the business of selling you personalized ads, so it is unlikely to record you and store audio on its servers-Google, and Amazon both does this.

Apple entered the smart speaker market for the first time in 2018 at the original price of the HomePod. Its initial price was US$349 but complained that the speaker did more than just play music. Compared to Amazon’s best-selling smart speaker Echo and the sales volume originally called Google Home (now called Nest Audio), it is insignificant.

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If you are an Apple user like many of us, then you will truly appreciate certain Mini features.

  • Using HomePod Mini, you can specify the text you want to send to the contact. Alexa and Google can’t do this. (No one can read back your latest email or let you specify a new email, which seems to be an obvious feature.)
  • If you lose your iPhone, HomePod will send a notification sound to the phone and it will not stop until you find it.
  • You can ditch the TV soundbar, buy two HomePod Minis, and then connect them to the TV via an Apple TV streaming box. Amazon can do this with Echo speakers, as long as you have a Fire TV streaming joystick or a Fire TV Cube device for hands-free TV navigation. Google can be used, but not as a stereo pair, but only as a basic speaker.
HomePod Mini in white
HomePod Mini in white color

Apple’s advantage is not that through Apple TV, you can get a richer streaming service than Amazon can, and Amazon has not provided HBO Max since its debut in May, nor has the NBC Peacock, which opened in July. (Amazon changed the grade on Monday and said it will provide Max from Tuesday.)

Since the TV sound is so tiny, it is a very good home theater to listen to the extra audio by the bed instead of letting the sound from the sound bar or TV speakers from the other side of the room, But no brains. I have heard the hiss of snakes in the old movie “Indiana Jones”, and frankly, if I don’t pass the speakers, I won’t hear it.

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Many of the Mini music features touted on Apple’s website require a monthly fee of $9.99 for Apple Music. Unless you subscribe, asking Siri to play Drake playlists or great songs from the 90s won’t get you too far.

In addition to Apple Music, Mini can also play music from Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn radio. Missing the world’s most popular music streaming media Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, etc.

Based on its size, economic price, and the use of Apple mobile devices by more than 1 billion people, it is expected that the HomePod Mini will be one of the best-selling products this holiday season. does not want speakers to be seamless Do you listen to music and podcasts? You can play “Talking Tech” on your phone in the car, go home, pause it, and then let Siri continue playing on HomePod.

Do you have an Amazon Fire TV streaming function in your Amazon home, perhaps a Fire TV version of the TV, where all the content is related to Alexa? In this case, if you need to upgrade, you may need a new Echo.

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Amazon and Google have improved audio in the 2020 version, and the best improvement for the HomePod Mini is intelligence. If you do buy any of these brands, you should make some friendly suggestions: Not long ago, in a distant audio galaxy, people bought speakers in pairs to obtain excellent stereo effects. Don’t just buy one of these babies. Tango takes two times after all.


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