Are Black the New Jew?

Is the Black community being treated the same as the Jews were?

A 27-year-old Black was killed and shot by the Police today. The Suspect was identified as Rayshard Brooks, 27. The killing of another Black started fierce protests across the US.

The Chief of The Atlanta Police resigned today as a black man was shot outside a fast-food restaurant today. The Suspect named as Rashard Brooks was struggling when Police caught him.

According to Police, the Suspect was trying to reach for the Tazer Gun and was killed when he tried to run away.

Anti-racism protest started through-out America as another Black man was found hanging from a tree. The brutal act was named as a man-slaughter and was severely condemned by the Black Community.

One of the four Policemen who were said to be involved in the murder of George Floyd was released on a $750,000.

The Black man was killed when Police strangled him to death by putting their knee on his neck, and he cried for help, saying, “I can’t breathe.” The suspect died after grasping for 9 minutes.

The chain of protests started after a black man was killed recently in states. The killing of the black man started a series of protests across the states, and the black community was outraged due to the murder of the innocent.

The same incident happened on Saturday when a suspect named Rayshard Brooks had parked his car in front of a drive-way and was told to move his car. The authorities called the Police when the Suspect showed resistance and was killed at the spot.

Due to the ongoing protest, there have been numerous movements running around the world one of the most famous one is called the “Black life matters.

All the Social Media flooded with support to black community. This campaign has been the driving force for the black community and is considered to be a sign of solidarity with black people.

Messages from communities from all over the world are raging in support of the black community. Many celebrities have shown the support against the Police who brutally killed the Suspect.

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