Are Southern Charm’s Austen and Olivia still together?

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The southern states are renowned for their unique brand of hospitality and their enticing sense of decorum. ‘Southern Charm,’ which depicts the lives of a QCharleston, South Carolina aristocrat, attempts to communicate this mentality through a notably contradictory depiction.

The creations of Bryan Kestner and Whitney Sudler-Smith give audiences insight into the professional and private lives of the ensemble members as they navigate the utilization of Southern customs and historical past in this reality present.


Since its debut in 2014, the popularity of ‘Southern Charm’ has increased due to the turmoil inside the characters’ lives, particularly their romantic relationships. Season 8’s Austen and Olivia’s plotline captivated audiences because of the regularly shifting love dynamics in the show’s current arc. Consequently, some of us would wonder if they are still together after the present. If you’re looking for similar information, here are all the results we discovered!

Austen and Olivia’s Journey with Southern Charm

Since joining the ‘Southern Charm’ family in season 4, Austen Kroll has experienced his fair share of ups and downs, \\professionally and romantically. While he has achieved significant progress in his professional life with new commercial initiatives, his romantic life has not been as stable. From his first friendship with co-star Chelsea Meissner, he had several relationships with other contemporary reality stars, including Lindsay Hubbard, Ciara Miller, and, in season 7, Madison LeCroy. In contrast, Olivia Flowers joined the cast in season 8/ due to Austen Kroll’s romantic interest.

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Austen and Olivia had known each other for almost a year before the series premiere, and their journey is well portrayed in the series. Before the COVID-19 epidemic, the latter was a resident of Los Angeles and worked as a Production Assistant and model.

After falling in love with a DM from Austen, her presence in the current was confirmed now that she was again dwelling with her mother and father in Charleston. Austen also disclosed to US Weekly that he began courting Olivia formally in May 2022. The first time fans saw the pair together was at Kathryn Dennis’ “Great Gatsby” celebration.


Despite their relationship blooming rather quickly, it has been put to the test on numerous occasions. Olivia was first delayed by how angry Austen became over his ex-girlfriend Madison. Later, Austen felt uncomfortable when the two women met at a party; nevertheless, the two reconciled their differences. However, she was taken aback by Austen’s remark in an episode about wanting to take points slowly with Olivia.

As a consequence of this truth, Olivia determined to take Marcie Hobbs’ good friend as a date to Patricia Altschul’s canine wedding ceremony, which caused Austen to maintain round along with his ex-girlfriend Ciara Miller and other associates. However, they eventually put the misconceptions behind them, especially after Austen revealed that he only desired to date her.

Are Austen and Olivia still in a relationship?


The present state of Austen and Olivia’s relationship is a little bit complicated, given that they had been quite good together, but new information indicates otherwise. Olivia told Us Weekly in the first week of September 2022 that she and Austen are “in a good place” and dating exclusively. She said, “We had an amazing summer together and traveled, and things are still well between us. We’re just having fun. When traveling with someone, you get to know them deeper, as you see incredibly cool locations. And we could unwind after the cameras departed and the shows ended.

Olivia added, “We simply got to know each other and determined whether this was something we wanted, and now we’re in each other’s lives.” The duo went on a “couples trip” to Napa with co-stars Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose (who have since broken up), and photos published by the latter couple show Austen and Olivia holding hands and having a fantastic time.

After the trip, they went out on several occasions and unquestionably appeared content. In a separate interview, Olivia stated that their relationship is going well, but they are not in a rush to determine the next step.

Olivia stated that she enjoyed seeing their friendship develop into love from the beginning. However, after such success in their relationship, allegations began circulating that Olivia unfollowed Austen on Instagram after the reunion broadcast. This sparked several questions amongst their supporters, as there had been no other indications of their breakup.

It may also be unclear if the act was carried out due to a breakup or another cause. Therefore, unless the duo makes their position known, we can state anything positive. We can only hope that no unfavorable information is related to it and that they all live happy lives in the future.

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