Are You in search of a good book? Read ‘MY Mother’s Secret’ by Julia Roberts

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Recently tweeted by Julia Roberts, in which she expressed her feeling about the great reviews of ‘My Mother’s secret.’ She shared the reviews given by “Net Galley” by expressing how to please and grateful she feels. Net Galley said, “Brilliant, so beautifully told I just couldn’t stop reading, I can thoroughly recommend this book.”

Julia Robert's book 'My Mother's Secret'
Julia Robert’s book ‘My Mother’s Secret’

Julia shared their reviews and wrote, “Really pleased and grateful for the pre-publication reviews for ‘My Mother Secret’- out 3 weeks today, but you can pre-order from amazon”

The author of the book is an American actress and producer, Julia Roberts, and published by iUniverse. The book contains a total of 280 pages which you can grab from Amazon too. The book ‘My Mother’s Secret’ is based on a tree Holocaust Story by J.L Witterick is a fictionalized account of an actual woman.

This woman hid 15 Jews (and a German soldier) in her small house, located in a small Polish town, during the Nazi invasion of world war II. According to many reviews, the lines of the book between fact and fiction are blurred, but still a fascinating read.

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About ‘My Mother’s Secret’

This book is divided into five parts, each part is told from a different perspective. The first and the fifth part is apprised by Helena who finds herself in love with her boss, named Casimir. It is written that after Casimir returns to Germany, he wants Helena to marry him. But Helena feels she should stay with her mother and help her.

The second part of the book shifts to the father of one of the family being sheltered, Bronek. Bronek succeeded in saving his wife, adopted son, and sister-in-law but he can’t save the newborn baby who is crying too much.

The narrator of the 3rd section is Mikolaj, son of a Jewish Doctor. This Doctor is a rich man and a pillar of the community and thinks that his position will save him. But he is wrong.

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