Artificial intelligence or end of the world

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What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is intrinsically mechanical intelligence.

human-made such robots that mimic human activities and their response towards an event; they show emotions like a normal human being. These machines are called humanoids. These robots look like human beings but in actuality, it’s a machine.

first humanoid .. artificial intelligence sophia

First humanoid robot real or publicity stunt:

 On 14 February 2016, a humanoid robot called Sophia was turned on; it was the first humanoid robot. There are so many rumors spreading like a fire that humanoids will kill humans and rule on human beings.

Bill Gates highlighted that humanoids are dangerous for mankind and many scientists stated that humanoids are the end of the world. On the other hand, some scientists said that Sophia is not a humanoid she didn’t answer any question if its answer isn’t install in her. This is just a publicity stunt to grab the attention of media. Sophia was created by a Hong Kong company name Hanson Robotics and his inventor David Hanson is a controversial personality.

Humanoid software introduced by Google:

 Google introduced a software that actually behaves like a humanoid.his software can book your appointment by calling separately to your desire saloon if you are busy. The person who is on the call can’t decide that he is talking to computer software, not a real human. If these software humanoids take place of humans then there will be no opportunities left for humans. Companies will prefer humanoids rather than a real human being because robots don’t need any salary and also a weekend holiday.

Movies on artificial intelligence:

 There are so many holly wood movies published on this topic such as I Robot, Terminator series, and also some Bollywood movie robots. These movies clearly illustrate the future of mankind if artificial intelligence becomes more powerful. Robots will take place of humans and the ratio of jobless humans become so high. That’s why most of the people showed anxiety toward artificial intelligence. What will happen if robots take place of human?  Artificial intelligence is convenient for humans or this will be the end of the world? What do you think?

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