Ashland’s wild fire quickly spread to talent, Strong wind moving northward

Helen Dunmore
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I-5 is now closed at the California-Oregon border (Exit 1) north to Oregon. Traffic is redirected back to California

Ashland’s wild fire

News 10 is located in the 5400 block of Highway 99 near Talent’s Red Barn auction house when smoke and flames began to invade the area. Our staff is moving north and will inform you in time.

Southbound closed and extended to North Midpoint Exit 35. The interstate highway from Ashland to Central Point (Exit 14 to 35) is closed

Drivers are urged to leave the interstate and seek local services in the Medford/Central Point area until the fire conditions improve and the interstate is reopened.

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We have no time to reopen:

ODOT/OSP requires drivers/operators of abandoned semi-truck/vehicles left in the I-5 driving lane to call the dispatcher to inform them of contact information for reopening the interstate.

The operator should call the following number to provide contact information to dispatch a call back when the reopening ends. Otherwise, the tow will be called, which will exacerbate the closure.

Closed northbound, the staff turned at the intersection of 99 and Jackson Road for walking and vehicle traffic.

According to 10 staff members at the news site, the fire seems to continue to spread north, and the area near Valley View Dr is still being evacuated. News 10 crew members are now evacuating from Chevron at Talent 21 exit.

At the same time, the residents of Alameda Dr, where the fire started, have been helping to extinguish the local fire.

News 10 Carsyn Currier is located on Valley View Drive between Talent Highway and Bear Creek. Workers there are evacuating all houses near Exit 21, and all facilities south of the exit have been closed.

As the fire is currently threatening houses and buildings, it is being evacuated. There is no information on the scale or scope of the fire, but scanner information indicates that the fire may threaten at least 300 houses in the area. News 10 on-site staff said that the smog was dense and multiple units including helicopters were working in the area. The gale seems to be pushing the fire to the north. It is unclear which areas are affected.

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