Ashley Cain celebrated his daughter Azaylia Cain first birthday after her death

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“We tried to give her a day she would be proud of”: Ashley Cain surrounded the grave of his late daughter Azaylia with balloons and “lifted the cup” on her first birthday

Ashley Cain paid tribute to his late daughter Azaylia because he shared a photomontage of her first birthday on Instagram on Thursday.

Azaylia died at 8 months
Azaylia died due to Myeloid Leukemia at 8 months

On April 25, Azaylia, who was only 8 months old, died after a brave battle with acute myeloid leukemia.

30-year-old Ashley and his partner Safia Volagi decided to commemorate this sad milestone on Wednesday and went to her cemetery to lay flowers and balloons. Dozens of family members came to support the sad couple. Couple.

Their daughter was affectionately nicknamed “Likkle Lion” during the brave battle, and the couple commissioned a special Lion King cake.

Another photo shows Azaylia’s golden hands and feet molds and a wreath, accompanied by a gorgeous photo of her printed on a balloon.

While celebrating Azaylia’s life, the family launched balloons and blew bubbles into the sky.

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Ashley wrote:

“We celebrated the 1st birthday of our little hero in the only way we know…as a whole.

Azaylia first birthday celebration

‘We love you Azaylia with all our hearts. Beautiful, strong, brave, so special. You will inspire us to become better people, encourage us to do better things, live in our memory, forever champions!

Last month, Ashley said:

He wanted to use his “pain” over the death of his daughter Azaylia to “achieve amazing accomplishments.”

The TV star shared an update on Instagram, and he also revealed that “happiness is not a privilege he thinks is possible in his life now.”

Azaylia visits while suffering from Leukemia
Azaylia with her mother while fighting Leukemia

After training, he stood next to a series of black and white photos next to his mountain bike, and he wrote that his journey is now about “strength and being a good person.”

Azaylia was diagnosed with this rare and aggressive cancer when she was two months old. She had been turned away by doctors three times before.

She spent most of her life in the hospital, receiving four rounds of chemotherapy and stem cell therapy.

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In January:

She received a stem cell transplant, but after the third round of chemotherapy, her cancer unfortunately recurred.

Ashley asked fans for donation help on social media and explained that the treatment his daughter needs is available in Singapore.

Azaylia with her parents
Azaylia with Ashley Cain and Safiyya

Despite the efforts from all over the world, the pharmaceutical company was unable to release the life-saving drugs needed to defeat his daughter Azaylia, because her cancer is very rare and aggressive.

Azaylia won the British Pride Award after her heroic battle against leukemia.

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