Assimi Goita, Colonel of the Malian Army, said he was in charge of Junta

The Malian army colonel, Assimi Goita said that he is now in charge of the West African country and declared himself the chairman of the military government that forced the democratically elected but unpopular president to resign

The colonel of the Malian army in Bamako, Mali said that he is now in charge of the West African country and declared himself the chairman of the military government who forced the resignation of the elected but unpopular president. One of the five officers who announced this week’s coup against the national broadcaster ORTM, Colonel Asimi Goita declared himself chairman of the power.

Assimi Goita said in a broadcast:

“Through this kind of intervention, we put Mali first.” Gotta said in a broadcast that he met with senior officials from various government ministries and urged them to resume work on Thursday.

Throughout Africa and around the world, leaders strongly condemned this week’s coup, calling, and the release of former President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita.

Observers worry that political unrest will expand the reach of Islamic extremists in Mali. The power vacuum following the coup in 2012 allowed militants linked to Al Qaeda to take over major towns in northern Mali, where they imposed strict interpretations of Islamic law. Former colonial France maintained strong economic and political ties with Mali, and later led a military intervention to oust them in 2013.

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In the past year, the figure of attacks has enlarged:

Although the Islamic insurgency in Mali started before Keita took office, many people believe that his government has not done enough to end the violence. The extremists only expanded their influence and penetrated into the central part of the country. In the past year, the number of attacks has increased dramatically.

After the legislative elections were held earlier this year, opposition to dozens of candidates has been raised, and opposition to the Keita government has intensified.


After confirming his chairmanship of the National Salvation Committee, Colonel Asimi Goita addressed the press at the Ministry of Defence of Mali in Bamako, Mali, on August 19, 2020.

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