Astrid Kirchherr, Beatles photographer Dies Due to Short Illness At 81 Age

Beatles: On Wednesday, Astrid Kirchherr died in ‘Hamburg’ due to her short illness just a few days before her 82nd birthday. confirmed this news.

Famous German Artist: Astrid Kirchherr

A short introduction about Astrid Kirchherr

Astrid Kirchherr was born in Hamburg (Germany), and she started her career in photography. She was a German artist and became famous for her photographs for the original members of the band (Beatles) during the earlier days in Hamburg – George Harrison, John Lennon, Stuart Sutcliffe, Paul McCartney, and Pete Best.

Born: May 20, 1938

Current Age: 81 years old

Died: May 13, 2020

Parents: Nielsa Kirchherr, Emil Kirchherr

Spouse(s): Gibson Kemp

Children(s): No Children

Books: Golden Dreams, Liverpool Days, When We Were Fab and many other

Astrid Kirchherr

In 1960, when Astrid Kirchherr met the first time to Beatles in Hamburg, she joined the seat of the assistant of the photographer.

Kirchherr said to Bob Spitz (Beatles biographer):

It resembled a merry-go-round in my mind; they looked totally astounding. My entire life changed in a few minutes. I just needed to be with them and get to know them.

In 1962, Starr replaced Best, and McCartney took over on bass for Sutcliffe after he left the music band and got engaged to Astrid Kirchherr.

The couple wedded, but in 1962, ‘Sutcliffe’ passed on of a cerebral hemorrhage at 21 years old. After this, Kirchherr continued her profession as an interior designer and freelance photographer.

In 2010, Astrid Kirchherr said to NRP:

He was and still is, the adoration for my life. I was married a few times — I met another man who was so intriguing, so delightful, and thus delicate and respectful. And so on and that he was, and such a skilled artist.

Astrid Kirchherr and Stuart Sutcliffe

People paid tribute to Astrid Kirchherr with these words.

On Friday, Ringo Starr tweeted that God bless Astrid Kirchherr, an excellent being, and she took extraordinary photographs.

Mark Lewisohn (Historian of Beatles) tweeted that Astrid Kirchherr was an Intelligent, daring, artistic, inspirational, innovative, awake, beautiful, aware, smart, and elevating companion to many. Her blessing to the Beatles was not measurable. RIP.

George Harrison’s widow, “Olivia Harrison,” said:

Astrid was so thoughtful, talented, and kind. She captured the soul with her camera.

Who invented the Beatles haircut?

Even though Beatles ridiculed his hair at initial, John Lennon, who was the nearest to Stu, soon followed Stu. 

At that point, Paul McCartney and George Harrison, who both admired John, in the end, accepted the haircut. The one solitary holdout was drummer Pete Best, who was in the end given up.

How much is Astrid Kirchherr’s net worth?

According to some trusted sources such as Forbes, Wikipedia, IMDb, etc. her net worth is approx. 9 million dollars.

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