At 61, David Roback, co-founder of Mazzy Star, died

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Mazzy Star producer and multi-instrumentalist, David Roback, died on February 25. “Fade into you” is one of the most recognized songs of his legacy.

David Roback

“Fade into you”, “Look on down from the bridge,” and “Into Dust” are songs that the American alternative rock band Mazzy Star left for the world since its formation in 1989. Thirty-one years after that moment, it was confirmed that one of its co-founders, David Roback, died at age 61.

Producer and multi-instrumentalist, Roback was a crucial figure for the movement of California psychedelic bands in the mid-80s. This, since in addition to Mazzy Star, Roback also integrated the Rain Parade and Opal groupings.
In Mazzy Star, Roback acted as the composer of almost all the group’s material, with Hope Sandoval in charge of the lyrics.

Till now, we do not know the cause of his death.

In his discography with Mazzy Star, David Roback features the group’s debut album She Hangs Brightly (1990), followed by So Tonight That I Might See (1993), where is the greatest musical success of the band “Fade Into You”. Subsequently followed the third album by the band Among My Swan (1996), after which the group separated. But that was until 2010 when they met to create “Seasons of Your Day” and later the Still (2018).

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