Attorney Tayler was named the best lawyer in the United States

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The three Tayler lawyers will be recognized in the Best Lawyers in America, one of the most respected legal guides in the United States published in 2022, proving that their hard work and dedication to the people they help have been rewarded.

All the trial lawyers Reid Martin, John F. Walker III, and Marisa Schouten of Martin Walker P.C. stated that they are honored to be recognized on this list of lawyers.

Martin said that to be part of this list, lawyers must be recommended by their peers, who both cooperate and oppose. Then there is a review process to review the background to determine eligibility.

“We take this recognition very seriously,” Walker said. “For us, this is a constant reminder to do more, to go further, and to work harder for the people we represent.”

Martin felt that one of the main reasons they were recognized was because of their success in the experiment. He said, for example, they handled a case called Pierce v. East Texas Medical Center in Smith County, in which they received a verdict of more than $43 million.

This case occurred in 2018 and was the largest medical malpractice sentence in Texas that year. Martin said that they have also held leadership positions in the legal profession, such as on the American Trial Advocates Committee and the Texas Trial Lawyers Association.

They found that handling cases together and keeping each other informed would bring great success, rather than working as a separate level under the same law firm name. He added that, as a result, they are able to represent customers in an effective way.

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Both Martin and Walker said they wanted to be lawyers since they were young.

They participated in the whole school’s debate team, mock trials, and other activities. Walker said that one of the things he likes about working in law is being able to help people. He added that he has the opportunity to speak up for those in need.

Martin said that being able to help people fight for what they deserve makes them very proud of what they have done.

Martin and Walker have practiced together since 1998 and established their own company Martin Walker P.C. in 2006. They represent individuals across the state but added that they are keen to help people in the Tayler area because they grew up there.

Martin said: “When they are harmed by someone’s negligence, you can find us and get the help you really need.”

Walker and Schouten are recognized for their experience representing individuals in personal injury and negligent death proceedings. Martin was recognized for representing the plaintiff in the medical malpractice litigation.

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