Australia Police Thwart Alleged Plot to Kill OneFour Rap Group Members

Australian police apprehend two men, Brandon Maseuli and Yousef Rima, in connection with an alleged plot to kill four members of the rap group OneFour.

The individuals, linked to an international criminal syndicate originating in Lebanon, face multiple charges, including conspiracy to murder, kidnapping, directing a criminal group, and various drug and robbery-related offenses.

Maseuli, 26, and Rima, 20, were arrested in Sydney, with authorities seeking an arrest warrant for a 22-year-old believed to be offshore.

The targets of the conspiracy are identified as Jerome “J Emz” Misa, Pio “YP” Misa, Spencer “Spenny” Magalogo, and Dahcell “Celly” Ramos from OneFour.The reasons for not targeting the fifth member, Salec “Lekks” Su’a, remain unclear.

The alleged plot against OneFour members is believed to have arisen from a conflict between the rappers and the group purportedly hiring the criminal syndicate’s Sydney cell, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, citing police sources.

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Authorities uncovered the purported plot during a broader investigation into the Sydney cell, where Maseuli and Rima are implicated. The investigation is also connected to multiple kidnappings, one involving over 722kg (1,600 pounds) of cocaine. Both suspects appeared before the Liverpool Local Court on Thursday, where bail was denied.

OneFour, a prominent Australian rap group, has faced previous encounters with law enforcement due to their music’s dark themes and violent lyrics, which police contend may incite violence. In 2019, they had to cancel a national tour due to police expressing “safety concerns.”


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