Leaked video of Erica Banks receives backlash for her shallow comments

During a private Instagram Live video posted Monday morning, platinum-selling recording artist Erica Banks shared her preferences for the type of “look” among her entourage. In the 44-second viral clip, Banks said, using air quotes for the last word, “she doesn’t have a certain “look…” “If she doesn’t look how I want her to look, … Read more

Wednesday – Season 1, Episode 2, “Woe is the Lonely Number” Recap and Analysis


The second episode of the first season of Wednesday begins with police officers led by the sheriff searching the woods for Rowan’s body. However, they are unable to locate it. The sheriff does not accept Wednesday’s claim that a monster attacked Rowan and believes it was a Nevermore kid. The principal believes Rowan fled and … Read more

Watch Kenna Heminger Baby Video On Twitter & Reddit Left The Netizens In Rage

Online users became enraged when Kenna Heminger’s baby video went viral. A video of a baby posted online by Kenna Heminger has been accused of child scenes. In response to her video, a global discussion about children’s rights and protections erupted. There was a sense of surprise among online users. She was viciously attacked on … Read more

Maya buckets video Leaked on Twitter and Reddit

Maya Buckets video

Maya buckets video Leaked on Twitter. Hello everyone, once again we’ll be providing the latest viral details about Watch Link Mayas Buckets Leaks Video Twitter leak Viral Largest, which is currently a great virtual entertainment service. Here’s a video showing how to remove a persistent virus from the infection creator. In exchange media such as … Read more

Check out Tony Lopez viral video trending on Twitter

Tony Lopez viral video

Watch Tony Lopez Leaked Viral Video Trends On Twitter As soon as the Tony Lopez Leaked Viral Video was released and went viral, a few others tied to his account started making their way online and on social media sites. This footage has gained tremendous interest and has become one of the most popular topics … Read more

Wednesday Season 1 Review on Netflix


Wednesday Season 1 Review, Cast, All Episodes, Trends, Rating, Public Reactions The new sitcom WEDNESDAY on Netflix follows the young Wednesday Addams. The season’s eight episodes are well-paced and utilized, and Jenna Ortega is a fantastic fit for the title role. Read our season 1 review of Wednesday here! The new Netflix comedy WEDNESDAY follows … Read more

Neymar Injury Update, Injuries to Neymar’s right ankle will keep him out of the next game

Neymar Injury Update

Neymar Injury Update. As a result of injuries, Brazil’s five-time world champions will be without Neymar and Danilo for their next match. Despite their absences from Monday’s match, Brazilian team doctor Rodrigo Lasmar remains hopeful they will be able to participate in the tournament again. “We thought it was important to do an image exam, … Read more