The Last of Us part 2 Review:

The last of us game is a great game to play during this hard time when everyone finds it hard to stay home and do their daily chores. The game was highly played game of all time when you are turned into a zombie due to a virus that turns […]

Supreme court extends the life of DACA.

Muhammad Fahad

The deferred action for the childhood arrivals program was specially designed for children. The ruling created a sigh of relief among the affectees. DACA’s receipts are now very happy as they don’t have to worry about it being dissolved. DACA: Emma Challott Barron who is DACA who is a receipt […]

3.6 Magnitude earthquake strikes at San Jose.

Muhammad Fahad

3.6 Magnitude earthquake strikes at San Jose. An earthquake of 3,6 magnitude just hit San Jose on Wednesday morning. The Earthquake happened near the east Foothills neighborhood of San Jose. The quake was at 10.35 an and was centered on 3.8 miles from the northeast of East Foothills northeast of […]

Rapper J. Cole starts campaign on Social Media.

Rapper J. Cole dropped his first single fo the year in response to the Black life matters .camapaigns. According to him ‘Snow on the Bluff’ ‘right or wrong’, I can’t say, but I can say that it was honest’. His fans were surprised after seeing his first single this year. […]