Ava Berkofsky discusses the development of nature and technique in “lack of self-confidence”

Two women were sitting across from each other in their favorite restaurant. There is a lot to say. For a long time, almost no one has said a lot, almost the entire operation of the fourth season of “Insecurity”.

Issa and Molly love each other, but they create an insurmountable barrier between frustrations. With the impetuous romantic life, they realized the strength between each other. It’s time to let go of the resentment and show up in previous and future friendships.

“Are We Still Friends?”:

The camera pulled away from the table. The two women talked, but we could not hear them. The camera continued to back up, sliding through the restaurant window, and across the street, while Tyler was the creator’s “Are We Still Friends?” played in the soundtrack. We make Issa and Molly satisfied, knowing that their pain will heal in conversation.

Ava Berkofsky joined Insecure as the director of photography in the second season. She not only helped redefine the one and a half-hour series but also redefine the image of Los Angeles. She is not here to make a sitcom. She is here to show the eternal mutation canvas of this city.


Ava Berkofsky said:

 “Issa’s idea of ​​changing neighborhood relations, as well as the gentrification of South Los Angeles, and what it means to be a neighbor of the neighborhood from an early age is an important theme of the show. Indeed, this is an important theme in our culture today.  It’s not to make it noticeable, but the community is changing. I’ve always wanted to show off the role of South Los Angeles.”

The center of the character is the corners, crevices and skyline of Los Angeles. Merkato is more than just a party. It is a friend concrete is the foundation to consolidate friendship.

As the character strives to surpass his past, so does Berkofsky. I used to have a strict idea about the behavior of the camera, and then it became some free form. Like the host of the show, she longs to stay open at all times.

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