Aviva by Boaz Yakin ensures about flow in the UK, Ireland, and Australia through Matchbox

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The London-based Matchbox film has included Boaz Yakin’s all-singing, all-dance sex-fluid romance film “Aviva” from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australasia.

Aviva Movie Poster
Aviva Movie Poster

The romantic film comes from Tbilisi, Beziers and Alief Film, producer and distributor in London.

The film is scheduled to be released in these regions in the first quarter of 2021.

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The transaction was completed on the eve of AFM, after Alief sold the movie to Outsider Pictures and Strand Releasing earlier in the United States in April. “Outsider” was released in the United States in June at the start-up Hollywood film company Row8.

AVIVA Trailer (2020) Drama Movie

Strand also announced the release date of the film. The release date of the film will be on-demand/transactional video-on-demand, DVD and BluRay.

“Aviva” was filmed in Paris and New York, around a pair of transatlantic lovers Aviva and Eden. At different moments in the narrative, their characters take on male and female forms.

In festivals such as SXSW, Fantaspoa, Haifa and Choreoscope, the distribution of Synapse also grabbed the copyrights in Latin America and Portugal, and YES DBS also acquired the distribution rights for Israel.

Alief’s global sales agents, Miguel Govea and Brett Walker, concluded their deal with Alief, and Govea added that the title’s offer was also regarded as “main artists from Asia, Central and Eastern Europe”.

At the same time, Synergetic Distribution also obtained the additional rights of “Zana”, one of Alief’s other outstanding performers, who was headed by Kosovo-born Los Angeles-born writer/director Antoneta Kastrati, which inherited the psychological legacy of the Kosovo war.

Aviva Movie Characters
Aviva Movie Characters

Synergetic has snapped up other rights to digital rights in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Latin America after acquiring the US rights to thriller films earlier this year.

The German, Austrian and Swiss broadcasting rights for this film co-produced by Alief have been granted 3sat.

Cult horror and science fiction expert Synapse also snapped up the distribution rights to two other Alief products in Latin America and Portugal: the experimental Brazilian-American eco-thriller “Sequestrada” and Gisberg Bermudez’s Venezuelan horror film “The Whistler”. According to Govea and Walker, Alief is also considering the latest offers from the United States, Latin America, France and the United Kingdom, namely the Spanish LGBTQ+ relationship drama “Isaac”.

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