Be kind and you’ll be awarded: See what girl got as a gift

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This world is admittedly atiny low place, you will not grasp who you may meet throughout this journey referred to as life simply attempt to be nice to everybody you are available in contact with. Be kind and you’ll get all the happiness in your life. Kindness and serving humanity are the most basic things which are highlighted in every religion whether you belong to any religion, culture, race, caste, society if you are kind and treat people well them you are then the most generous person.

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Same as like this viral story which is about a generous lady who goes by the name “datchubbychic” took to her social media handle to narrate what transpired between her and a taxi driver.

She explicit that somebody had ordered a taxi cab for her once she could not get one for herself as a result of the bolt drivers were terrified of the traffic on the road that everyone refused her to take to her destination.

The one who place the order promised a driver for the extra payment to come back pick her up and the driver will get additional extra money if he will be able to drop the girl to her home.

They driver agreed, therefore after picking the girl and dropping her to home, the one who promise to grant the cab driver to give extra money set to alter his mind and refused to grant him the additional money. The driver become very unhappy and felt sad, the additional money was the most reason he came at that place to pick that girl.

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After seeing all this scenerio the girl siting in the cab currently decided to grant the cab driver with some further money once she reached her destination.

After driving to her destination, the lady requested for his account details to form some transfer. However when the drive told his name the women stopped to the surname and futher ask some information from the driver. You wont believe what happened next.

She asked him some questioning and then inquired concerning him solely to search out out they were cousins.

 “I wished to pay additional money to the driver and asked for his account details for some transactions, I didn’t know that I would discover that he will be my cousin” she tweeted.

She told her story to the world by tweeting and encourage everyone by saying

“ Someone rightly said if you do goodwill the god will reward you instantly”

Sometime it takes only one act ofkindness to change one person’s life. Just like this story where her act of kindness made her meet with his cousin which they even didn’t know. But this thought of her to pay her more ammount as her friend’s promise made it benefit for herself and she get to know her cousin. This incident was shared all over the world and people get very fascinated and inspired to do good deeds. Now the viewers strongly believe what goes arround comes arround!

What are your thoughts after listening to this story?


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