Beirut, Lebanon blast: Thousand injured in the blast

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Beirut blast

Beirut blast: dozens of fatalities and thousands injured

Blast in Lebanon, Beirut, still not clear or got any authentic news that caused the explosion in the city’s port. The video showed thick smoke from the fire and mushroom clouds after the explosion.

Hospitals are beleaguered and many buildings have been destroyed.

The head of Lebanon’s internal security said:

The explosion crop up in an area where highly explosive materials were stock up.

According to the recent reports,

dead bodies and serious injuries at the scene is enough to make the port of Beirut unusable.

The explosion occurred at a sensitive time in Lebanon when an economic crisis rekindled old-school differences. Before the verdict on the death of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005, the tension was also high.


Officials are referring to accidents, not deliberate actions.

The Minister of the Interior said that the first report indicated that his alleged explosives stored in the port have been blown up.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab called this a disaster and said that those responsible must be held accountable.

He talked about “dangerous warehouses” that has existed since 2014 but said he would not investigate first.

Local media showed people trapped under rubble. An eyewitness described the first explosion as deafening, with video footage showing wrecked cars and blown up buildings.

A witness near the port told AFP: “All the buildings around here have collapsed. I am passing through glass and debris in the dark,”

An explosion was heard on the island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean, 240 kilometers (150 miles) away.

The President said on Twitter that President Michel Aoun called for an emergency meeting of the Supreme Defense Council. Wednesday was announced a day of mourning.

Everything was shattering

Witness Hadi Nasrallah speaks at the BBC

I saw the fire, but I didn’t know it would explode. We went in and suddenly I lost my hearing because obviously, I was too close. I lost my hearing for a few seconds, and I knew something was wrong.

Then suddenly, glasses were scattered all over the car, the cars, shops, stores, buildings around us. It is just glass falling from the entire building.

All of Beirut, people calling each other in different places several kilometers apart. They are experiencing the same thing: broken glass, building shaking, loud explosion.

We are shocked, because usually when an explosion occurs, only one area will experience the post-explosion. But this time, it is the entire Beirut and even areas outside Beirut.

Frights and unease

The video and images are not only the thick smoke clouds that Beirut ejected. But also caused devastation and destruction thousands of meters away. Triggering a new wave of shock and anxiety in Lebanon, which has been hovering on the edge of a turbulent economy.

A few hours before the explosion, anti-government demonstrators had been passing by with security forces outside the Department of Energy. Once again asked the country’s leaders to take responsibility.

If the economy deteriorates, there will be severe street famine warnings or sectarian conflicts that will reignite.

The explosion will remind many people of the bomb that killed Rafik Hariri. The Lebanese hope that this latest explosion will remain a human tragedy-an accident-rather than a premeditated act.

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The reaction of other countries

The Lebanese Prime Minister also called on the international community to help: Hassan Diab said:

“I urgently appeal to friendly and brother countries… to support Lebanon and help us heal the deep wounds.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted: “The pictures and videos of Beirut tonight are shocking. All my prayers are for the people caught in this terrible incident.

“The UK stands ready to contribute the support to the best of our ability, including support to those affected British nationals.”

France said it is providing assistance and resources to Lebanon.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted that:

Iran will “provide any necessary assistance” and Saudi Arabia expressed its full support for Lebanon.

Situation right now

Lebanon is experiencing political turmoil, with street demonstrations protesting the government is handling of the worst economic crisis since the civil war in 1975-1990.

Many people blame the ruling elites who have ruled for many years and accumulated their wealth for failing to carry out comprehensive reforms to solve the country’s problems. People must deal with daily power outages, lack of safe drinking water, and limited public health services.

There are also tensions on the border with Israel, and the country said last week that it prevented Hezbollah’s attempts to infiltrate Israel. But senior Israeli officials told the BBC that “Israel has no connection with the Beirut bombing.”

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