Ben Affleck will play Batman in “The Flash”

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Batman is always trying to find the right opportunity. This might happen to Ben Affleck’s criminal version. “Vanity Fair” learned that the Argo director’s contemplative “Dark Knight” will be another movie. Affleck agreed to return as Bruce Wayne The upcoming big-screen version of “The Flash”.

The portrayal of Batman always arouses heated debate among fans, and Affleck’s choice of actor, even a few years after he first put on his front apron, continues to arouse heated discussions.

Some people love him; some demean him. People refused to watch his role from the beginning. While others believed that he was an underrated favorite and deserved more opportunities to play this role on the screen.

The Flash” movie:

The Flash movie is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2022. Which will screen the fast-acting superhero Barry Allen played by Ezra Miller, breaking the shackles of physics and collapsing into various parallels the dimension.

This is a cross-border adaptation of DC’s 2011 Flashpoint comic series, directed by director Andy Muschietti,. Who is the latest adaptation of Chapter 2 of Stephen King’s “It and It” The creator of the version

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Affleck got the script last weekend and agreed to join the project this week:

Another reason is that Flash needs a character affectionately called Batfleck. In the DC movie world, Affleck’s gray-and-white Bruce Wayne is the “original Batman” that Ezra’s Flash will consider. This is his previous Zack Snyder movie China has struggled with it.

Muschieti said:

 If he hadn’t started with Affleck, he wouldn’t be great to venture into other Batman companies. “He is the benchmark. Before we entered Barry’s adventure, he was part of this untouched country.” said the director. “It’s very familiar there.”

A few months ago, the storyline of “The Crisis of Infinite Earth” laid the foundation for the concept of multiverse. Miller’s film “The Flash” Face to face with TV Flash played by Grant Gustin.

This does not mean that there are still no fierce disagreements in the music circle, and the return of Batfleck will definitely launch countless challenges.

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