Best 5 Rocket League cars

There are a spread of various battle cars out there to use in Rocket League

Some are out there from the primary launch of the sport, others should be unbolted through gameplay, and also the rest should be purchased in DLC packs or crates. The various battle-cars feature a spread of various hitboxes and handling attributes, which might modify how your automobile interacts with the ball.

Best 5 Rocket League cars
Image via Psyonix

The truth is nearly any cars are often sensible in Rocket League once you find out how to use it (with the exception of perhaps the Scarab that could be a lost cause).

However there are some cars that stand out on top of the remainder at higher levels of the sport.

Here are a number of the most effective cars out there to use in Rocket League.


Rocket League Car Octane
Rocket League Car Octane / Image via Psyonix

Although the Octane could be a default battle-car after you initial stir up Rocket League, it’s still thought of the most effective automobile within the game by a good margin. Since the discharge of the sport, it remained the foremost well-liked car to select in each amateur and skilled play. It’s well-liked due to its tight turning radius, glorious hitbox, and overall accurate style.


batmobile Rocket League Car
Image via Psyonix

The ’16 Batmobile is another popular option among high-level players. The ‘16 Batmobile battle car was introduced to the sport on March 8, 2016. It’s the longest automobile within the game and options a plank hitbox. This automobile has been favored by several high-level players as a result of its angular style permits the automobile to tug off powerful preciseness shots and also the long flat frame are often an efficient tool for propulsion and shooting whereas within the air.


Dominus Rocket League Car
Dominus Image via Psyonix

After the Octane, the domine is that the hottest car at high levels of the sport. It shares several of the benefits of the Batmobile plank kind cars within the air, however it handles corners higher than the plank hitbox cars. For a few players, the domine offers the most effective of both worlds between the plank hitbox and also the octane hitbox, handling within the air sort of a plank car associated handling the ball of the bottom like an  octane.


Breakout Rocket League Car
Breakout Image via Psyonix

The breakout is one in all the 3 default cars aboard with octane and  Merc. The breakout isn’t nearly as well-liked as the octane, the domine, or the ‘16 Batmobile, however this automobile will undoubtedly get the duty done once place to the check.


Endo Rocket League Car
Endo Image via Psyonix

The Endo could be a battle-car that was initial realised on March 22, 2017. This automobile is just out there through Turbo Crates, and it is often a touch tough to induce your hands on. This automobile options the hybrid somatotype, that is overall additional cubic than most of the opposite cars on this list. The Endo is longer than the octane however shares an identical breadth and height to the Octane’s hitbox.

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