Beyoncé shares a picture kissing her husband Jay-Z’s hand on their 13th anniversary!

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z were looking ‘in love and affection’ during party time with their friends. Beyonce shared photographs of her and Jay’s night out, including one shot of her laying a delicate kiss on her significant other’s hand. Something reveals to us that Beyoncé was feeling more than the drunk in love during her date with Jay-Z. Days after Beyoncé, shared photographs of her and Jay, having a heartfelt time in Las Vegas, the “former” vocalist shared another picture on Instagram feed on Monday.

Beyoncé kissing her husband Jay-Z's hand on their 13th anniversary!
Beyoncé kissing her husband Jay-Z’s hand on their 13th anniversary!

 In these new pics, Beyonce is wearing a captivating green and dark party gown. The outfit decision was according to the theme since she and Jay were clearly going to have drinks with companions. Obviously, there was love romance all around in light of the fact that, in one black and white shot. Beyonce is seen kissing her better half’s hand. They celebrated their thirteenth anniversary of the wedding. It shows up Beyonce and Jay needed to remember “Fortunate 13” by moving to Las Vegas.

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The privacy keeper Beyonce has been sharing scenes from the outing, including the dark and red tweed outfit she wore while boarding up the private plane. She likewise shared a photograph of her jeweled-encrusted satchel, but this is not the most bling she had worn during this trip.

Beyoncé shares a picture kissing her husband Jay-Z's hand on their 13th anniversary
Beyonce kissing on her husband’s Jay-Z’s hand on their 13th anniversary

 In the photographs that Beyonce posted on Friday, she shook a flawless, cream-hued suit. With her coat open, Beyonce showed she was wearing no shirt. To finish everything off, Beyonce’s suit was canvassed in gold chains, many of which have her name “BEYONCÉ” in coordinating with 24 carats. These photographs demonstrate that Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s marriage is continuing forward its more than 10 years. It had its good and bad times including a scandal of her cheating jay that led to an album named Beyoncé’s Lemonade collection, the two have figured out how to control the situation together, work out their issues, and stay together.

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While these most recent photographs show Beyonce kissing Jay, while in the past Benny Blanco thought he will definitely fall into difficulty if he kissed Beyoncé before Jay-Z, Benny, was visiting the couple at their Hamptons home, and toward the night’s end, he started to message as a goodbye gesture. Somehow Beyonce managed things and now she is very possessive for her husband and twin babies. She wanted to give them as best as she can do for them. And she never fails to show her infinity love for them.

Summary: Beyonce and Jay-Z currently celebrated their 13th anniversary as a night out party in Las Vegas with their friends. Beyonce shared a picture kissing on the hand of her husband Jay-Z, as a love gesture wishing him happy anniversary and expressed how much she loves him.

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