Biden’s speech to the nation on Afghanistan breaks the silence

U.S. President Joe Biden will address the nation at the White House on Monday to break the silence about the U.S. fiasco in Afghanistan, because the lightning victory of the Taliban has put the Democratic Party’s domestic political destiny into trouble.

A statement said that Biden will shorten his planned vacation, return to Washington from the Presidential residence of Camp David, and “speak on Afghanistan” in the East Room of the White House.

Earlier, National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan told ABC that the country “will receive news from the President soon. He is now actively engaged with his national security team. He is working hard to deal with this situation.”

His only statement was issued in writing on Saturday, insisting that the sudden withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, triggering a full-scale takeover by the Taliban, is the only possible option.

With increasing pressure on Biden to prove that he is in power on Sunday:

 The White House released a photo showing the president sitting alone at a table in a polo shirt while listening to an adviser on a big screen.

Biden was elected last year on a promise to bring back expertise and responsibility after the turbulent Donald Trump years.

Now that there are more and more questions, how will Biden’s answer determine the fate of his presidency.

Joe Biden said at the White House:

“You will never see anyone being lifted from the roof of the US Embassy in Afghanistan. This is simply not comparable.”

As the writer and “New York Times” columnist Viet Thanh Nguyen said on Twitter: “During the fall of Saigon, I did go to Saigon. To me, it really looks like Saigon.”

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Who is offended?

Until last week, Biden has been working hard. Biden ignores those who say Washington has become too dysfunctional for bipartisan transactions. Biden is celebrating the passage of his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill by the equally distributed Senate. His Democrats set out to enact a second ambitious $3.5 trillion bill.

Just a few weeks ago, Biden was congratulating Americans on the Covid vaccination rate-this is a seeming victory against the coronavirus, and the new Delta variant is now in danger.

Like the pandemic, Afghanistan is a crisis inherited by Biden.

The American public has long lost interest in the fighting there, and Trump used his strong isolationist sentiment to push the country out of the “stupid” war after 9/11.

In fact, Biden’s abortion is almost entirely based on Trump’s own plan. He ordered negotiations with the Taliban. If he chooses again, he will be touched and even withdraw early.

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