Big Brother 22 Spoiler: Fans think Taylor uses a black life to further develop his game

The controversy started on Sunday, when he said he wanted to evict himself.

As we celebrated Labor Day, the “Dude 22 All-Star” actors took the term “long weekend” to a new level.

This play is unprecedented. Taylor wanted to evacuate from the house on his own, allegedly saving Bailey or Daven, and launched the “Black Life Issues” campaign. But there are many things to enter, so I will introduce them directly.

This is an early review of Week 5

As we all know, Christmas is a controversial move, Christmas nominated Bailey and Davenport to expel this week.

Although she said that they are each other’s “untouchables”, this is the reason for her decision. But for fans, this reason is not enough.

Although Daven and Pele are still far away from the best players in the House of Representatives. This seems to be another one in a disappointing season. Weak move.

There are two former winners in the House of Representatives, who have yet to see the obstacles

A group of strong players are competitive beasts, and Cody and Nicole F. are secretly operating the house. Basically, there are bigger fish that can be fried.

Not to mention that when racial equality was at the forefront, her nomination was frightening.

Bayleigh and Da’Vonne are the only black women among the 16 people. Nominating them side by side seems incredible and unnecessary. And on Christmas, a subtle conversation with Nicole F., when she talked about Bailey and Daphne’s potential reaction to the nomination. She said that she was “going to be shot” and “someone was going to put a fork in my Face”.

So far, a variant of the all-white league-Cody, Nicole, Taylor, Memphis, Enzo, Christmas, Danny-are all running the game, eliminating three women and one Iraqi American Caesar You. The show did nothing to overcome the racism that was overshadowed by season 21.

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Why did Taylor leave Big Brother’s house?

After winning the nomination and veto contest at Christmas, Taylor had an emotional conversation on a live broadcast on Sunday, contacting Daven and Bailey.

He went on to explain that not only did he miss his girlfriend Angela, but he was also willing to ask for a veto on Da’Vonne or Bayleigh at Christmas in order to re-nominate him home.

He explained that he felt guilty for the two detained women and was partly responsible for them because he had spoken behind both of them and disrupted their game.

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