‘Big Brother: All-Stars’ premiere: who is in or out?

Big Brother All Stars
Big Brother: All-Stars

“Big Brother” is back again and is preparing for a very special season.

Although the long-running reality contest had to postpone its June premiere due to the coronavirus pandemic, CBS aroused fans in July when it announced that “Big Brother” would continue with comprehensive health and safety procedures interest of.

The announcement also brought the news that “Big Brother” fans have been waiting for: This season will be the first All-Star lineup since 2006.

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Season 22 kicked off in a two-hour live premiere on Wednesday. This long-awaited cast was announced, a brutal game and even the most experienced players on the show watched it.

All-star cast return

When CBS announced “Big Brother: All-Star,” the network promised to win numerous winners, finalists, and unforgettable celebrities.

The beginning of the show shows the top four actors: season 16 contestants and season 18 winner Nicole Franzel; season 8 runner-ups and season 13 contestant Daniele Briones; seasons 17 and 18 The contestant Da’Vonne Rogers; and the season 19 contestant Christmas Abbott.

Moreover, based on their pre-recorded introduction clips, it is obvious that all four of them need proof.

With a record-breaking veto victory, Daniele plans to play a more social and strategic game this time. The full-time mother said: “I think I should win the game first, and this time I want to win.” She is the first time to participate in the game, and she tied for second place with relatives and father Dick Donato.

Nicole F. wants to prove to Big Brother fans that she deserves the 18th season victory, even though many people think the better player is runner-up Paul Abraham. She quipped: “I’m not sure why people think Paul was robbed, but he was not robbed.”

Then, the first four tenants started the first part of the two-part family heads contest.

The host Julie Chen Moonves explained these rules to the women, who were 12 feet tall and were wearing masks. In this part of the contest, competitors enter the house in groups of four and look for precise objects. After finding them, they will rush to the backyard and roll the ball through the maze to make it land under the name of the room where the object is located. (If there were no fierce, high-risk competition, it would not be “Big Brother”, right.)

Christmas proved that she was here to play, smoked other people, and then proceeded to the second part of the HOH battle.

The players who entered the House of Representatives in the second round were Tyler Crispen, the third runner-up in season 20; Ian Terry, the winner of season 14; Kevin Campbell, a season 11 contestant; and season 12 Player Enzo.

The four plan to improve the way they played in the past. Taylor said, “I can’t rely on the actions of my stupid surfer dude.” Enzo regrets that “two guys who are physically better than me have finally come to an end.” Ian said, he is here, It is to prove that he is “no longer a kid”, and Kevin is preparing to “win the championship” this season.

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Ian and Kevin finally entered the second part of HOH comp.

The next round of the game brought three-time “big brother” player Janelle Pierzina, he won third place in the 6th season and the first “All-Star”; season 20 contestant Bayleigh Dayton; Season 21 contestant Nicole Anthony; and Season 10 contestant Keesha Smith.

Fans voted Nicole A as America’s favorite player last season, which reflects the self-reliance she gained last time at the home of “Big Brother”. She said, “I am forced to make a decision alone, which will greatly enhance your personality,” she added, adding that she plans to trust her instincts this season.

Keesha was selected as America’s favorite player this season, and she plans to take bolder moves instead of trusting others so easily. She said, “I don’t trust others so much, because in the end, this is the reason I finally started.”

The last four players to enter the game are Kaysar Ridha, the most popular fan in the 6th and 2006 All-Stars; the 16th third runner-up Cody Calafiore; the 10th third runner-up Memphis Garrett; and the 21st season player big David Alexander.

Memphis and Cody were half of the famous duo in their respective seasons. Although they both lag behind their allies, this time they each hope to win a $500,000 prize.

Kaysar said that although he has never been on the jury, he still hopes to go further this season. After being eliminated on the opening night of the first season, David wanted to show the United States that he was a strong competitor.

Memphis and Cody won seats in the first part of the HOH game.

Of course, there is a turning point

The motto of “Big Brother” is “Expect the unexpected” for a reason.

After HOH was crowned and named Have-Nots, Chen Moonves ended the show by teasing the first turn of the season.

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