Bijay Mohanty most famous face of Odia cinema died at 70

Bijay Mohanty

Bijay Mohanty had passed away in Bhubaneswar, Odisha

One of the most famous and recognizable faces of the Odia cinema, Bijay Mohanty had passed away in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. His age was 70 at that time.

Admitted to a Hyderabad hospital

He was brought back from Bhubaneswar to Hyderabad. And admitted to a Hyderabad hospital in June. He was suffering from cardiac arrest. When his condition has become critical His family takes him to the hospital, but he died after the treatment of doctors.

According to the news reports, Mohanty went to Hyderabad when his daughter resides from him, diagnosed with diabetes, and had a minor surgery a few months ago.

Mohanty started his career with theatre, had done many performances as an actor, and also directed many plays. His debut film name is Chilika Tire. His performance earned him several awards including national film awards. He is mostly famous for negative roles, he has done that with perfection. His famous negative role in the film including Samay Bada Balaban, Naga Phasa, and many more.

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His many performances are seen in films

Aama Ghara Aama, I love my India, Aei Aama Sansara, Bhisma Pratiya, Bhai Hela Haari, and Mamata Mage Mula.

Mohanty is credited with many awards and appreciation for his negative characters. And he gave an excellent performance in these characters and make wonderful history of Odia film industry.

Political career

Mohanty also takes part in the contest of Bhubaneswar Lok Sabha seat in 2014, from the congress but he lost.

He also directed the movie Bhli Huena, conferred with he Jayadev award. He left his wife, Tandra Ray, and a daughter. Tandra ray was also an actress.

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