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Bill gates tweeted about this year (2020) that was the year when many of the things come to a stop, he is claiming 2021 to be a better year.

He attached an article by him that explains why 2021 would be a better year than 2020 which has been a destructive year so far.

2020 was the year when 1.6 million people departed from their lives in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bill Gates claims 2021 to be better than 2020
Bill Gates claims 2021 to be better than 2020

A lot of economic damage was faced by every country, millions of people are facing unemployment and are in difficult times.

Many are struggling to pay their bills and many children are suffering from a great loss as a full stop to their studies too.

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In that article Bill Gates declared the arrival of 2021 would be the year starting with the good news.

He is appreciating the progress that humans have made to find the clues and preventions from the current disease spreading so fast.

He admired the fact that the pace of scientific advancement in 2020 was incredible, as, under normal circumstances, a vaccine may take 10 years to create.

But within one-year science was able to reach the destination, they were about to reach in 10 years, to minimize the effect.

Also, he expresses the hope that life will be much closer to normal than it is now due to the availability of the vaccines.

In that article, he is trying to share where things stand on COVID-19 innovations as we are about to wrap up this year.

He briefly explained both the doses of the novel coronavirus vaccines, including the one that was developed by Moderna.

Another one is Pfizer that has received emergency approval in the united states.

He predicted that the world would have to mass-produce around 5 billion doses or 10 billion in the current scenario of two doses.

In the end, he showed a consoling aspect of this difficult situation and assures 2021 to be an improvement.

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