Billie Eilish takes shirt off, protests body shaming

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Billie Eilish takes shirt off during the show.

Billie Eilish takes shirt off
Billie Eilish takes shirt off

If there is something that characterizes the great stars, it is their reach to any corner of the planet. Every message they send out to the world reaches the ears of millions of people, and that is why many of these stars take advantage of their powerful voice to send a few words of conscience. One of them is Billie Eilish.

One of them is Billie Eilish. The artist always wears loose clothing, associating her style that an entire army of fans tries to imitate. Many have criticized her for her shyness in showing her body, but others have defended her with a speech of explanation. Either way, Billie herself wanted to put an end to this confrontation.

The artist has tied the blanket over her head, and, in one of her last concerts, she has projected a video in which little by little she is undressing. Yes, Billie has shown us her body, but she has done it by launching a social awareness message to inspire, above all, to the younger generations.

Billie Eilish Message

In the message, she said to the audience that they had opinions about her opinions, about her music, about her clothes, about her body. Some people hated the clothes she wore, others loved it, others used it to embarrass her others, others used it to embarrass her, but she felt they were watching, always. Nothing she did, her enemies did not see it. So she thought their looks, their disapproval, or their sighs of relief.

She asked if she had depended on them, she would never be able to move. She asked would they like to see her smaller? Weak? Fragile? High? Would they like to see her, silent? Did her shoulders provoke them? Did her chest do it? Was she her stomach? Her hip? The body she had been born with was not that what they had wanted?

Billie Eilish takes shirt off
Billie Eilish takes shirt off

She asked if she wore what was comfortable; she was not a woman. If she got rid of the layers, She was a bitch. Although you had never seen her body, They judged her, and they judged her for it. Why? She made assumptions about people based on their size and she decided what they were. She decided what they were worth. If she wore more if she wore less. Who decided what made her her? What did that mean? Was her worth based only on their perception? Or was their opinion of her not her responsibility?

Being in the focus of attention of millions of people around the world also has negative consequences. Every move you make is judged by countless looks that dictate whether or not that move is correct. Of course, you must be mature enough to channel them constructively or ignore them.
Billie Eilish has learned from experience and has become a woman-at-arms who takes a hit on the table and faces all these criticisms of her body. It is she who decides when, how, and where to teach it.

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