Bill Cosby granted an appeal in sexual assault case.

Muhammad Fahad
Bill Cosby
Billy Cosby granted an appeal in sexual assault case.

In a historic decision that could help to test the legal framework of the movement, which is known as the #Metoo cases, Pennsylvania’s highest court will review the trial decision to let the five other accusers testify at the Bill Cosby’ sexual assault trial in 2018. Which ended in the longtime Tc’s star conviction/

Cosby, who is 82 years old, has been imprisoned in the suburbs in Philadelphia for nearly two years after a jury convicted him of drugging and getting involved with a woman in his home in 2004. He is serving a three to 10-year sentence.

The Supreme Court has agreed to the request of the two aspects of the case, including the judge’s decision, including to let prosecutors call the other accusers to testify whether about the long ego encounters with the actor and the comedian.
Cosby’s lawyers have complained the testimony is remote and unreliable.
The court will also consider that it weighs the scope of the evidence allowed and used. It will also consider whether the jury should have Cosby’s deposition testimony about getting quaaludes yo give women in the past.

Secondly, the court will examine Cosby’s argument that he had an agreement with a former prosecutor that he would never be charged. Cosby has said that he relied on the alleged promise before agreeing to give the deposition in the trial (accused by Andrea Constan’s lawsuit.

Those issues have been at the heart of the case since Cosby was charged in December 2015, days before the 12-year statute of limitations expired.

Charge against Bill Cosby:

“In each instance, [he] met a substantially younger woman, gained her trust, invited her to a place where he was alone with her, provided her with a drink or drug, and sexually assaulted her once she was rendered incapacitated,” Mr. O’Neill wrote in a post-trial opinion.

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