Biz Markie has been in the hospital for many weeks after suffering from a serious illness

Biz Markie
Biz Markie

According to the reports, Biz Markie has been in the hospital for many weeks after suffering from a serious illness.

He was triggered due to complications from type 2 diabetes. His health condition is not clear right now, but it is stated that he is receiving the best care from a medical professional’s amazing team at Maryland area Hospital.

Biz Markie representatives said that remain positive about the outcomes.

The rapper previously lost his weight, almost 140 pounds, to manage his diabetes. He said previously that.

If I didn’t make changes in my body my diabetes was going worse (An interview in 2014 with ABC News).

He also said that I could lost my feed due to this diabetes. I could lose my body parts, lots of things could happen.


Biz Marche is an American rapper, bit boxer, DJ, actor, comedian, TV personality, and official speaker.

He is known for his single “Just a Friend” in 1989, which has become one of the top 40 hit songs in many countries. In 2008, “Just a Friend” ranked No.

100 in the VH1 list of 100 Best Hip-Hop Songs of All Time. Markie was named “Prince of the Clown Hip-Hop”.


The famous 56-year-old rapper Marche rapper, Body Measurement is not available now.

We will update Mackie body measurements, eyes color, hair color, shoes, and dress as soon as possible.


Markie has not shared any details from her parents.

Our team is currently working and we will update the information of relatives, brothers, spouses, and children.

Our team is still unknown about the status of Markie’s relationship.


Biz Marche is interviewed in the 1986 documentary Big Fun in the Big Town.

The album also featured solo songs underground “Nobody Beats”, “Vapors” and “Pickin ‘Boogers”.

Records, produced by Biz, and his cousin Cool V and Paul C. The song “Just a Friend”, in which was alternating rap and singing, became Markie’s most successful song, reaching number 9 on Billboard charts.

The song fulfills the 1968 “You Got What I Need” song by singer/songwriter Freddy Scott, who provided his primary melody and composition as the basis for the song’s chorus.

“Just A Friend” was ranked 81st on the list of the Top 100 Wonders of One Hit of VH1 in 2000, then ranked # 100 in 100 of the Greatest Hip Hop Songs of VH1 in 2008.


It has been calculated that the total amount of the Marquis Biz net is up to $ 2.5 million, to date.

His net worth was mainly gained through his career as a rapper, in addition to this interference, he is also an actor and occasional comedian.

Biz Marche was born in 1964 in Egg Harbor, New Jersey and his birth name is Marcel Theo Hall. In the 1980s, Biz Marche began his career in music, which added a lot to the total size of the Biz Biz Marque.

In 1988 Biz Marche released his first album called “Goin” Off. His second album proved to be more successful and was called “The Biz Never Sleeps”.

His most famous and successful song was included in this album, entitled “Just a Friend.” The song ranked ninth on US charts. In fact, VH1 was named one of the 100 Best Hip-Hop Songs.

Moreover, the song “Just a Friend” was also recognized as one of the Top 100 Best Wonders of Success.


In 1991, Biz Marche released his third studio album, “I Need Haircut”. However, around the same time, a Biz Marque was sued.

The lawsuit ended with Gilbert O’Sullivan’s victory. Consequently, the result of this suit was that the album was removed from store shelves.

In 1993, Biz Markie released their fourth studio album, titled “All Samples Wiped!”

 “Thus, these appearances also added a lot to the total size of the net worth In addition to his solo career in music, Biz Marche is also famous for his work with other musicians.

He has worked with Wu-Tang Clan, The Beastie Boys, Len, The Rolling Stones and some others.

In 2008, Biz Marche was chosen as an opening act For Chris Rock tour, Biz Marche also appeared on the “U Gapa Gapa” tour, and these appearances also increased the total net marquee value.

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