‘Black Adam’ star Dwayne Johnson Smack talks about Justice League at DCFandome

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Dwayne Johnson has not yet hosted a Black Adam group at DCFandome, although he has not yet started filming the movie. Johnson answered the fans’ questions and shared a trailer in the movie “Justice Society of America” ​​introducing his costume. Noah Centineo has already played Atom Smasher, but this tease reveals another DC comics character who will try to keep Black Adam in line when the movie is released on December 22, 2021.

Dwayne Johnson has tried to play Black Adam for at least ten years

Since at least 2008, Johnson has been playing Black Adam in movies. He mentioned this role when he promoted the movie “Being Smart”. Black Adam is part of Shazam! Black Adam has his own movie. This is why Johnson persisted for so long.

Johnson told DCFandome:

“One of the main things I have always liked and appreciated about Black Adam is that he is an anti-hero.” “He is an anti-hero, and I like that. I like that the lines are a little fuzzy, and I like him. Leaving traces, I like that he didn’t follow the route. I like his sense of justice for black Adam.”

The origin of Black Adam in conversation with Dwayne Johnson

In the comics, Black Adam was originally Teth-Adam from Ancient Egypt. Johnson incorporated the island heritage of many families into his films, such as “Fast and Furious: Hobbes and Shaw.” Johnson said that the Egyptian background story also attracted him.

The American Judicial Society tried to rule him

Black Adam has gained great power from magic. Like Superman, he has power, flying power and other advantages, but he does not have superman moral principles. This is why the Justice Society is trying to align Black Adam with the values ​​they believe superheroes should have. The trailer introduces the Justice Society.

Johnson ended the panel discussion by convening other DC movie superheroes. This is a bit like Hollywood-style WWE smack-talk.

Zack Snyder promised DC Fandome to get new footage from his “Justice League” editing. The trailer for Jack Snyder’s Justice League showed new footage of all superhero characters, with a particular focus on The Flash and Cyborg.

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