Black Star Film Festival nominated “Miss June” for best narrative film

The jury of the Philadelphia Color Filmmakers Performance Competition also selected Michele Stephenson’s “Stateless” as the best feature film.

The Blackstar Film Festival in Philadelphia has voted its 9th edition as the best narrative feature. The film named Channing Godfrey Peoples’ Miss Juneteenth Closing ceremony.

The title of the Sundance Film Festival is Nicole Beharie, the former beauty pageant champion. Her focus is to prepare the “Miss June” beauty pageant for her rebellious daughter. The ensemble actors for Godfrey People’s first performance include Kendrick Sampson, Alexis Chikaeze, Liz Mikel, Markus M. Mauldin, Lori Hayes, Akron Watson, Jaime Matthis and Phyllis Cicero.

At the Philadelphia Filmmakers of Color Show:

Winners of other jury competitions included “Stateless,” which won the Best Documentary Award. And director Michele Stephenson exploring racial hatred and institutions The oppression of transformation separates Haiti from the Dominican Republic.

The Best Experimental Film Award went to the director of “Giverny Documents”, Ja’Tovia Gary. Which was set in the streets of Harlem and Monet’s historical garden in Giverny France Move between, discuss the safety and creativity of black women

Last year’s Film Festival:

The Best Feature Film Award for “Sheila and Spades” directed by Tayarisha Poe won the Best Feature Film Award. Cristina Ibarra and Alex “Infiltrators” directed by Alex Rivera won the best feature film award.

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The Black Star Film Festival was held from August 20th to 26th this year:

 During the coronavirus pandemic, there were virtual screenings and 90 films were shown, including 24 world premieres. BlackStar used the digital distribution channel CineSend to broadcast the ninth edition of the movie lineup online.

Emmy nominee Doug Abel described how he and his professionals edited this absurd story at the center of the Netflix documentary series:

“We are swimming in the lens.”

When “Tiger King: Murder”, “Chaos” and “Madness” were released, the captive audience was adjusting to the home order in COVID-19. And the dumb documentary provided the right escape from reality.

The stories of several big cat collectors and animal rights activists revolved around the weird villain Joe Exotic. Which immediately captured the cultural zeitgeist and won six Emmy nominations, including an outstanding documentary or non-fiction category Nominate

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