BLACKPINK Jennie bathtub Photo Leak: She blocks followers after alleged leaker is revealed.

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She blocks fans after the accused leaker’s identity is exposed. BLACKPINK Jennie has taken several concrete steps to safeguard her purported relationship with BTS V.

Here, we provide news that the name Jennie has recently appeared on the Internet and is hot on social networking sites. BLACKPINK Jennie took additional steps to protect her privacy in the face of romance speculations involving BTS V. According to the allegation, BLACKPINK Jenni has unfollowed a significant number of followers on her “Private” Instagram account.

She had disabled her followers after images of her in a bathtub were made viral by the infamous hacker @gurumiharibo, who had also made V and Jennie’s pictures viral. This material has recently been available on the Internet and is rapidly spreading through social networking sites.

Everyone is interested in learning the complete specifics of the information. Here, we have additional information regarding the information, which we will share with you in this article, so let’s continue.

According to the report, they accomplished this out of personal competition with Okay-pop idols and their fanbases. To preserve a substantial amount of her notoriety, the SOLO singer barred and unfollowed all her Instagram followers. Here is all the information you need to know.

Jennie eliminates followers after an uproar over a bathing photograph

On September 20th, several fans observed that Jennie from BLACKPINK had unfollowed several Instagram users from her ‘private’ account.

After photographs of her in a bathtub were posted on social media, the 26-year-old singer made unexpected actions. It is suspected that gurumiharibo, a prominent hacker, was responsible for the breach.

The Twitter account owner has gotten a great deal of hostility and hatred for sharing the image with the public.

In August, however, it was suspected that the hacker’s name was Lee Joo-Hyung. Supposedly, he is a friend of both V and Jennie. In addition, he allegedly disseminated the photographs for financial gain.

In addition, Lee Joo-Hyung allegedly released personal photographs of Jennie with BTS member V.

In case you were unaware, Jennie and V dating rumors have been circulating on social media since a picture of them vacationing on Jeju Island came online in May 2022.


Subsequently, until August, further images of the supposed pair were posted online. One photo depicts them hanging out in Los Angeles, while another appears to have been taken inside V’s residence.

Some fans assert that the leaked photographs have been significantly altered, while others assert they are genuine.

Few fans, however, requested that the topic not be discussed at all, citing the artist’s privacy.

Fans react to Jennie’s bathtub photo leak.

Fans were horrified by the leak of intimate photographs of Jennie. They took to social media to express their grief in response to the Protect BLACKPINK Jennie movement.

One person wrote, “Well, actually, no.” You can investigate and take legal action against those who distribute private photographs. YG is just being worthless, as per usual. It has reached the point where alleged bathtub photos of Jennie are being circulated. Every legitimate business would have taken action by now.


Another admirer commented, “Whoever is sharing images of Jennie must stop immediately.” Putting online a photograph of her in the bathtub? Come now,’

In addition, another fan stated, “Leak a photo of Jennie in the bathtub? No, this is excessive; must take action!’

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