Blake Lively’s reaction to Music dance video is classic! Scroll to know which video we are talking about!

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Blake Ellender Lively is a popular actress who was born in L.A, Lively is the child of actor Ernie Lively and created her skilled debut in his directorial project Sandman.  Actress Lively has recently indicated that she is a huge fan of the erstwhile boy music bands – NSYNC and also the Backstreet Boys. The 33-year-old actor mentioned that she couldn’t stop herself from enjoying the music videos and therefore again she indicated dance rehearsal video by her favorite music bands and shared it on her Instagram story.

A dance video posted few days back has now got viral and broke the internet. According to sources,

“The clip shows AJ McLean and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys band learning dance moves of Bye Bye Bye from Joey Fatone and Lance Bass of NSYNC.”

Blake Lively's reaction to Music dance video is classic
Blake Lively’s reaction to Music dance video is classic

Blake Lively expressed her huge excitement while sharing the video as she has been a crazy fan of the 2 music bands from her old days. The video that includes 2 artists from the music bands excited her fangirling soul as a young girl and no one would believe that she is a mum with 3 kids and a very successful actress.

The video was shot whereas the musicians were busy with rehearsal due to the collaboration clusters Back-Sync. Lance shared the video with the music fans on Instagram some days back. The video, presently, went viral all over the internet and attracted several stares from their fans. Indeed Lively is one of them.

The Actress reposted the clip on her Instagram Story with an excellent tribute for the boy bands. She ventilated out her extreme joy in an exceedingly caption on the the clip.

“True story: I watched this until Instagram finally interrupted me by pausing the video,” she wrote. “Because even they knew it was too much for me to handle in one go …

Blake Lively's reaction to Music dance video is classic
Blake Lively’s reaction to Music dance video is classic

Blake Lively, also shared a humorous fact together with her fans on social media post and has another truth to share together with her fans. She told them her husband Ryan Reynolds shared the clip together with her.

“Also, a true story. My husband sent me this. He understands the meaning. God bless him,”

she writes on the bottom of the story.

When it involves their family, Husband Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively play things pretty near to their chest. Ryan and Lively met on the set of “Green Lantern” and got married in the year 2012, are currently have 3 daughters named James Reynolds born in 2014, Inez Reynolds born in 2016 and Betty Reynolds born in 2019.

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Blake Lively includes a Net worth price of $30 million though Lively gained a lot of infamy with a role as Serena van der Woodsen within the hit show called Gossip Girls. She later became a longtime film actor with variety of leading roles whereas her husband Ryan had also a net worth price of $150 million. The majority of Reynolds’ wealth comes from his successful acting career.

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