Blood Type and genetics may play an essential factor in the severity of COVID-19 symptoms.


According to a new study, the blood group and genetics can play a vital role in the severity of the COVID virus. European scientists conducted the study.

Their findings were published in the New England Journal of Medicine, and it could help explain why some may fell seriously ill while some might not even show the slightest weakness.

The researchers found that people with Type A blood are at a high rate of contracting the virus and getting extremely sick while the blood group has the slightest risk of getting sick.

The researchers can’t say if your blood group can protect from the virus and are less susceptible to the infection.

They have also detected genetic variations coming in the sickest patients, and the possible reason could be linked to their blood type.

The variation in getting the virus may also be linked to the immune system of a person.

Many patients have shown an overwhelming response in recovery and have shown no illness after recovery. While some patients showed severe symptoms after the patients have recovered from Corona, and also, many patients have died due to the over-reactive nature of their immune system.

The difference in risk between the blood type is small, but researchers say that these small victories can help us get more significant breakthroughs.

New Research:

Scientists have also found out that age plays a vital role in the spread of the virus. People who are older with a weak immune system have higher chances of getting the coronavirus. Young people can avoid the worst outcome. Experts have also discovered the suits of features impacting the disease severity. These factors critically influence the factors some explain that a 20-year-old gets seriously ill while 70-year-old dodges the need for critical interventions.

Health factors play a vital role in influencing disease severity. Indeed according to a study of more than 1.3 million Covid-19. According to the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, found out at the rate of hospitalizations were six times higher and the rate of the deaths was 23 times higher among the patients of COVID-19 patients

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