Blue Alert: Someone killed Kimberly police officer:

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According to investigators, Kimberly police officer named “Nick O’Rear” was killed by a person on Tuesday night. At that time, he was chasing a criminal on Interstate 65 South. He joined the Kimberly police duty before a year or less period. Nick O’Rear was a father of two children, and the third child was on the way. The Mayor of the Kimberly Bob Ellerbrock, said that we love him. He was a great asset to our society.

Kimberly police officer

Furthermore, mayor Bob said that Nick O’Rear, the first-person died during his duty in 2020. All of us are sad for you. You lost your life for no reason. We are proud of you. In our state, six police officers shot to death during their duty time in 2019. Monroe County deputy also died during his duty time. He lost control of his patrol transportation, and then he hit a tree.

Gov. Kay Ivey said to the parent’s of the police officer that the police arrested four persons. Kimberly police said that they are suspected to be involved in this shooting. I am significantly sad to know about the death of the Kimberly Police Officer (Nick O’Rear), who was shot during his duty time, the previous evening. The security of our residents and the standard of law is a bleeding-edge on the psyches of our officials. Who energetically change their lives for the benefit of our own. His penance will never be overlooked. 

The State Bureau of Investigation is reviewing the entire incident of shooting and the death of the Kimberly Police officer.

How Nick O’Rear died during the incident:

This incident began on the night on Tuesday at 10:00 pm. The warrior police tried to stop a vehicle of criminals. They did not stop. Then Nick O’Rear (the Kimberly police officer) began to chase the car. Soon, he was in front of the vehicle, and he tried to stop the vehicle. But the criminals shot the police officer and ran away. A warrior resident, who watched the complete scene closely, stated that she heard almost twelve success shots in a rapid sequence. The officer struck while driving and smashed his cruiser a short separation away. Warrior firefighters hurried him to UAB Hospital with an enormous police escort. But he died. 

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