Bolsonaro Hails Anti-Malaria Tablet At the same time as He Fights Coronavirus

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Bolsonaro Hails
Bolsonaro Hails

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro showed how to defeat coronavirus:

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro showed people how to defend against coronavirus, rejuvenate and smile, and thumbs up, post on social media, and devotedly sell hydroxychloroquine drugs Resilience and vitality.

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Throughout the rehabilitation process, his perspective has remained the same, in the well-known competition, the virus has little threat to people who find themselves beneficial to health.

the drug is recognized, although the study has no evidence to show that it is indeed effective for Covid-19 patients.

President Bolsonaro said:

Bolsonaro, 65, said in a video released on Tuesday night:

“I am much better than before.” He rinsed a certain dose of hydroxychloroquine with water. “It’s working.”

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Mr. Bolsonaro admitted that there is no scientifically proven drug that can be used to treat Covid-19, but he said:

“I am still another person who does this job. I believe in hydroxychloroquine.”

Among the main leaders of the world, his position is lonely. Even President Trump, who has been actively promoting hydroxychloroquine for several months.

he spent only two weeks and hardly mentioned anything extra.

Bolsonaro’s signs:

So far, Mr. Bolsonaro’s signs seem to be very mild, and there is no confirmation that there is no sign that the optimistic test of the virus has alienated society. masked carrying and various measures of attitude have been alleviated, which makes the difference the state can control the spread and save lives.

The management of Mr. Bolsonaro criticized in this epidemic situation both at home and abroad because it is one of the worst disasters on the planet. The country’s total number of infections and deaths is second only to the United States. The cost of infectious diseases in Brazil is still too high, and now reopening of eating-places, bars, and gyms.

Since mid-May, the Ministry of Welfare has been managed by active-duty military personnel without a public welfare background.

Merchel agreed with Mr. Bolsonaro’s request to include hydroxychloroquine in the agreement in response to the Covid-19 victims in Brazil.

The two former health ministers of Bolsonaro opposed the transfer and considered it irresponsible.

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