Boogaloo Movement is said to cause murder and violence during protests.

Muhammad Fahad
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The members of the movement known as the Boogaloo boys are said to have been involved in spreading hate, violence, and spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 virus. The group was involved in the violent protest all around the US.

The group has been especially charged against Steven Carrillo and the killing of a deputy in Santa Cruz County, California. The case was filed in the US district court of the Northern District, California.

Steven Carrillo was shown to be connected with the Boogaloo Boys, and the distinctive member os the group is Carrillo. The disinformation activities come from Blackbird AI.

In a report that was made public on June 17, 2020, Black Bird traced back the armed mob that protested at the Michigan statehouse on May 1, 2020, to the Boogaloo.

The report said” In the lead-up to these protests and others like it across many other states around the country, there was significant online inflammation of what was characterized as the government’s unusual and overbearing reach into private lives in the form of closing down cities and businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic,”

Moreover, Blackbird.AI’s system uncovered high levels of manipulation within influence campaigns aimed at building momentum and a following behind the Boogaloo movement.”

The blackbird AI also highlighted that the Boogaloo boys spread the misinformation about the COVID-19 virus. The social media was used to encourage the rebellious nationalist manipulation of anti-police sentiments and the white supremacy; Black bird also added that the movement was closely linked with the believers in Qanon and far-right conspiracies.

George Floyd:

According to the report, the traffic on the Boogallo movement’s prime social network boards 4Chan was bombarded with heavy traffic where users mourned after the death of the black man George Floyd.

The suspect was killed in police custody when one of the policemen placed his knee on the Black man’s neck. The Black man kept grasping for the air and was found dead due to a lack of oxygen—the killing out sparked riots and protests all over America.

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