Boris Johnson and Joe Biden Interesting Phone call after election

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Boris Johnson said that he had already talked to Joe Biden and congratulated them on their first call.

Boris Johnson phoned America president
Boris Johnson phoned Joe Biden to congratulate him on his wonderful success

United States was elected president because he defeated Donald Trump. The Prime Minister and Democrats delivered speeches at 4 pm on Tuesday, worrying that due to the controversy caused by Brexit, the two may have a bad relationship.

However, it is understood that the conference call lasted about 25 minutes, which made Johnson one of the first world leaders to have a phone call with Biden since his victory in the November 3 general election.

On the 10th, Mr. Johnson “warm congratulations” to Mr. Biden’s victory in a wide-ranging appeal, and Republican President Trump continued to fight against baseless accusations of fraud.

The Prime Minister added in a tweet:

“I look forward to strengthening the partnership between our countries and looking forward to working with him to address our common priorities-from tackling climate change to promoting democracy and better reconstruction from the pandemic. “

Downing Street stated that after Prime Minister Biden sought to negotiate a Brexit agreement with Washington, the Prime Minister and Biden had trade discussions.

It is said that they have discussed NATO, and Trump often opposed NATO during his single term, which lasted until January.

The 10th spokesperson said that recovery from the corona virus pandemic is another topic of discussion. Both of them used the slogan “Rebuild Better”. Mr. Johnson invited Biden to attend the United Nations Climate Crisis Summit in Glasgow. Next November.

And the Prime Minister said that he has sent his congratulations to Kamala Harris, who became the first female vice president of the color to make history.

The quick conference call with the new president was coveted

Boris Johnson
Joe Biden and Boris Johnson

According to reports, his first president was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

John Johnson particularly welcomed this because they feared that they might face diplomatic difficulties.

The two have never met, but Mr. Biden compared the prime minister to a “physical and emotional clone” of Trump.

Unlike Republicans, Biden is not a natural ally of Brexit.

He warned that because of concerns about Johnson’s controversial Brexit bill, the island of Ireland did not return to the hard border, and therefore the trade agreement with the United States was “contingent.”

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