Box office: “Tron 3” may bring disaster to Walt Disney

Box office: “Tron 3” may bring disaster to Walt Disney

Box office: "Tron 3" may bring disaster to Walt Disney
Box office: “Tron 3” may bring disaster to Walt Disney

Box office: “Tron 3” may bring disaster to Walt Disney

Walt Disney’s “Tron” has been tried twice and failed, and has become a commercially viable film franchise in a more tolerant theater environment.

Tron 3 cancelled:

The source confirmed that Disney cancelled “Tron 3” and that digital gladiatorial games will no longer occupy anyone’s hard drive space.

Although the film has obviously never been officially approved, we heard that the film has been in development for several months.

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In fact, just in early April, there were reports that stars Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund would re-take the roles of “Tron: Legacy”, with director Joseph Ko Joseph Kosinski served as the director.

Reason for cancellation:

Although the reason for the cancellation of the project has not been disclosed, the relative weakness of the 2010 Tron: Legacy landing and the dissatisfaction with the Tron series since then may have contributed.

Tron: Legacy has brought considerable income, making Kosinski the highest paid first-time director ever, but this movie is not profitable for Disney.

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Global revenue is only slightly less than US$400 million, but Tron: Legacy’s budget is about US$180 million. Disney had hoped to relaunch the franchise after 28 years, but it did not pay off.

Tron 3
Tron 3

In an ideal world, the production of a film will be based on the quality of the idea, the excellentness of the script.

But yesterday I did not fall from the back of the carrot truck. Maybe when I was younger and more naive, I guessed that film production would combine excellent materials and huge marketing potential.

Although this is not always the case, even the most boring producer may agree that giving the green light to a movie based on the words of a certain executive’s daughter may not be the most economical strategy.


The existence of Legacy shows that movies are often made back and forth by capable people.

These people may not know what they are doing and there is no good reason to justify the cost of 200 million US dollars. Of course, unless the movie is a huge success. In that situation, Dick Cook was a genius.

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