A boy in Punjab lost almost 16 lakh on pubg from the account of his father

17 years old boy spent 16 lakh on PUBG :

a boy in Punjab lost almost 16 lakh from the account of his father on the famous battle royale game player unknowns battlegrounds which are also known as PUBG.

16 lakh pubg
17 years old boy spent 16 lakh on PUBG

PUBG is banned in Pakistan:

this game is recently banned in Pakistan.

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he spent most of the account balance on buying items of the app and to pass tournaments. And virtual ammunition over a month’s duration.

his parent statement:

his parents claimed a huge amount was sat safely for the boy’s father’s medical expenses.

the 17-year-old kid told his parents, he wants to attend online classes. instead of that, he played PUBG on mobile excessively on his father smartphone.

16 lakh on PUBG
boy spent 16 lakh on PUBG

according to a recent report of tribune;

while making online transactions bank account details and card details are mostly saved for the later use of people’s children.

he used different accounts to pay PUBG:

when the boy came to know that his parents’ account is linked to his father’s mobile.

which he used to excessively over a whole month to buy online PUBG items for battles and new matches.

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his father said; he makes transactions on PUBG and delete the messages and after that when they reviewed bank statement they came to know that he spent almost 16 lakh on PUBG items. which was a shock, teenager father told the Tribune he has a syndrome and he saved that money for his treatment.

he did not only use his father’s bank account also he used his different accounts, his mother’s provident fund, and also his account money. when we received the slip of bank account and all the spent money details, I observed that he shuffled the amount from one bank to another to avoid nil balance, he used his mother’s account to satisfies his addiction.

His father took a step to save his future and from this online gaming:

after this incident, the father made him work at a scooter repair shop. his father said;

I can’t let him laid inside and can’t let him used a mobile phone to play stupid online games, this decision made him realize that earning money is not that easy as it seems to him

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