Brad Pitt gets excited to reunite with his kids after Court grants him joint custody!

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Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt in the year 2016. Brad Pitt has been granted joint custody of his kids with Angelina Jolie following an extended court battle. Ms. Jolie not only filed for a divorce 5 years ago but also tries to manipulate things in the court and wanted to have custody of her children unlike Brad, and since then the former got engaged in the custody case according to public reports. Their battle for custody was captured and snapped on every hearing of them by paparazzi.

Brad Pitt is very happy and relieved nowadays than he’s ever been,’ a supply said

Brad Pitt is excited to reunite together with his kids after now he has won their joint custody against Angelina Jolie.

“He’s over the moon currently,” a supply claimed about Pitt’s reaction to a tentative ruling issued ordered by John Ouderkirk in 2021 on joint custody.

Ouderkirk said that Jolie’s testimony lacked credibleness in several vital areas, and also the existing custody order between the parties should be changed, per Mr. Pitt’s request, within the best interests of the youngsters as disclosed in court documents antecedently obtained by media retailers.

Now that the nightmare of the litigation and custody is behind him for the nowadays, Brad feels like he’s finally got something good in his years-long court battle with Angie over the children. The business executive explained that that’s all he’s ever wanted: a good shot and nothing else.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad is happy with this news as we can understand now he’ll be able to meet his kids and spend time with them whenever he wants without any permission.

Pitt and Jolie share custody of children 17 year old PAX, 16 year old Zahara, 15 year old Shiloh, 12 year old Knox and 12 year old Vivienne. The couple even have son Maddox WHO is currently over the age of eighteen.

From Mr. and Mrs. Smith of reel characters to Mr. and Mrs. Pitt real couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have had quite the journey from costars, to parents, to spouses and eventually, to exes. We must say they had a roller coaster journey with each other and faced many more things together,

The former couple begins their romance after they met on the set of show Mr. & Mrs. Smith in the year 2004, whereas Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston. The chum’s alum split from Pitt in the year 2005, nearly 5 years of wedding. Similarly American actress was also with the US native and was along for nearly twelve years when falling in love. The costars tied the knot in August of the year 2014 before ripping in the year 2016 due to irreconcilable variations.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie biking

While neither Pitt nor Jolie has formally moved on from their broken marriage and worst relationship experiences and were still single in April 2019, the Troy star has found a way of solace in his relationship with Alia Shawkat. The couple was reported to be dating however she later confirmed that they were simply friends.

Jolie, for her half, had been on a couple of dates in Nov 2019, however didn’t decide on something serious. She’s all concerning specializing her children, her job, and cleansing up her untidy divorce,” another supply told media at the time.

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