Brad Pitt was “tangled” with a 15-year-old girl, and other strange things happened when he dabbled in science

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Unlike many Hollywood stars, Brad Pitt does not belong to the Scientism church. However, this does not mean that the Oscar winner has not been involved in the controversial religion. Pitt’s ex-girlfriend Juliette Lewis introduced him to the theory of science in the 1990s. In the past three years, a lot of strange things have happened-including the church “tangling” with the 15-year-old girl Pete.

Brad Pitt’s director of science describes his “bull bait” course

According to Nicki Swift, Lewis introduced Pitt into the theology of science at the Portland Celebrity Center.

He finally thought that religion was not suitable for him. But before making a decision, he went through some bizarre procedures.

Michael Mallen, Pitt’s former director of science, said that “Hollywood Time Flies” started with a “therapeutic TR course.”

He described this as essentially a meeting in the classroom where students face verbal abuse. He explained that the “coach” tried to get students to react by pressing the “button”.

Mallen said nothing. He admitted:

 “I insulted him.” Mullen explained that he insulted Pete so much that he rushed out and Louis had to chase him.

The Oscar winner “partnered” with a 15-year-old girl

Mullen pointed out: “No one wants celebrities to leave.” If Pete does not return, he will “get into big trouble.”

“I guess no one has bullied him before. I tried to treat him very hard, but that’s the point, to make this person feel less reactive and can stay there comfortably,” Mallen said.

As if sitting in a room and being insulted was not enough, Pete also suffered “purification destruction.”

 This approach is that when the church pairs someone with a partner, they are called “twins” throughout the failure process. According to the “Sun” report, Pete’s “twin” is a teenage girl and “the daughter of a mature scientist.” She and Pete were responsible for helping each other during the month-long downtime.

This includes strenuous classes, spending up to five hours a day in the sauna, doing a lot of exercise, and taking high doses of vitamins. This process should make the body “pure”. It should be clear that there is no suggestion of impropriety by Fight Club stars.

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