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Bomb Cyclone 2019 Winter Storm Will Hit U.S., Forecasters Warning

All the US residents out there get ready to encounter the worst cyclone around you because forecasters have finally predicted the arrival of Bomb Cyclone 2019 in the US regions.

West Coast Bomb Cyclone has been predicted to sweep inside southern Oregon as well as northern California this Wednesday.

 The speed of the cyclone has been so hard that it is eventually bringing about 100mph wing strong gusts to the coast side. It has even gathered extra feet of snow over the mountains. According to the US Metrological Weather department, this year, the cyclone storm will be powerful.

It will have greater strength through which it can bring some harmful conditions inside the areas. Particular areas will be affected a lot due to heavy snow and a high length of winds.

Blizzard warnings have been issued for the Rockies and Plains areas, where a second bomb cyclone is predicted. Here, a man uses a bulldozer to clear snow in Limon, Colo., that was left by a bomb cyclone that sweep across much of the state last month.

How is Bomb Cyclone Created?

Bomb cyclone is generally derived from strong and powerful storm terminology, which has been fulfilling one primary criterion. In most of the conditions, the pressure might drop at the course of 24 millibars in just 24 hours.

Nevertheless, this whole benchmark might be depending upon the entire latitude of the upcoming storm. Therefore, it might be possible that the requirements of the milibar might be changing according to storm formation.

Insight Report On Bomb Cyclone 2019 Damage Incidents

By Wednesday evening, strong howling winds have already started that has already affected 220,000 customers within Great Lakes regions. This is often including around 17,000 within the metro area of Chicago, where powerful winds have already knocked down the poles and power lines.

The Deep South areas of Mississippi and Louisiana have been greatly affected by the tornadoes at a high level. According to the recent reports, there have been around eight homes that are hugely affected by the tornado storm.

Little damage has also been reported in the Baskin that is a small town in the southeast of Monroe in Louisiana.

Can Bomb Cyclone 2019 Become Much Extra Worst?

Till now, the timing and speed of the storm have been extremely worst, and it has been forecasted that it will not get worse now. Either it will reduce down, or it will stay similar to this speed and range.

There have been around 55 million residents who are planning to leave back the city and move to another place to celebrate Thanksgiving.

 According to the official report, the storm can take even much worst shape as Thanksgiving will be getting closer. Wednesday was one of the most massive days in the weekend for driving purposes.

East region was not entirely safe, and the Northern area of New England was covered with high snow. Particular areas will be affected a lot due to heavy snow and a high length of winds. High winds are being predicted in the North, which can knock down power lines and trees.

bomb cyclone 2019
Can Bomb Cyclone 2019 Become Much Extra Worst? image credit: Forbes

Are Heavy Rains Expected In Bomb Cyclone 2019?

Along with the heavy winds and storms, according to forecasters, some heavy rains are being expected, as well. Rains will be starting from Southern California and will make its way to some other regions. This will also include the areas of San Diego and Los Angeles with a high amount of rainfall expected in the mountains.

The level of snowfall will be somehow low in Bomb Cyclone, which is expected to be around 2,500 feet till Wednesday night. Some minor snowfall is also expected in the areas of San Gabriel Mountains near Los Angeles. Forecasters are also predicting the uprising of a flash flood that can happen due to heavy rains. It will along with the chances of facing debris in some of the affected areas, which are closer to forests boundaries.

The rescue team and Government of Los Angeles, US, have already started taking precautionary measures to protect their residents from Bomb Cyclone and prevent spoiling the upcoming Thanksgiving Eve as well. The residents of the US should avoid stepping out of their homes in severe conditions and don’t forget to wear face masks.

 It helps to protect themselves against any unhealthy snow, heavy winds, and debris. Officials will soon be reporting more about Bomb Cyclone 2019 as some more updates will be reported from the US Metrological Weather department.

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