Breakup between Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood/ A shocking news

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cassie randolph breakup
cassie randolph breakup

Bachelor the greatest season:

Bachelor the greatest season ever and the famous shows’ host Chris and Harrison roasted Casey who recently ended her relationship with Colton Underwood. Casey and Colton met in the 23rd season of the ABC dating series, but never formally engaged. They announced their breakup in late May, but have not disclosed the reasons why their romance failed to work.

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When Chris asked 25-year-old Cassie why the two took their way, she said: “This is a sensitive topic because we are still experiencing and I am still very excited about both of us…

We haven’t talked about it in public yet, and I don’t know if both of us are ready, but I would say it’s really difficult.”

Is COVID 19 is the reason for her breakup?

The host of the show Chris hinted that the fight against coronavirus might be extended the depression and tension between them.

but cassie declined this reason. in addition, she said COVID 19 didn’t affect and isolation is not the reason behind our breakup.

even though my family become so closer just because of this isolation that we had faced.

Cassie also said that they had no regret regarding their relationship and all the time they spent together.

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Cassie also said the main thing for me is I’ve learned a lot I’m a mature person but while doing this I still become a little anxious don’t know why but this is true.

cassie randolph breakup
cassie randolph breakup

Chris responded and said politely I know about your worry I just tell you to be diligent. your worry makes Colton Underwood unhappy what do you think about what you say.

Cassie opinion :

Cassie said to the host of the “Bachelor” franchise: “Once again, I don’t want to elaborate on anything. I also want to respect him in this way, and I don’t want to talk about it more.”

Before signing off, Cassie said, “I don’t think there is anything in the conversation that I need others to know.”

She is back:

Just a few days ago, Cassie returned to social media after a month of rest. During that time, the reality TV star said that she could slow down.

she should focus on her recovery without being welcomed by public opinion.

At the same time, 28-year-old Colton gave the impressions to be doing the same thing with his loved ones.

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