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What number of aromas do you have in your line of scents? Out of disgrace, I will decay to respond in due order regarding myself, yet Britney Spears has 22, which is a crazy sum. With an end goal to show how crazy that sum is I looked into the number of scents Paris Hilton has, as she is the lady whom I most quickly partner with the sugar-coated white musk pleasantness of superstar aroma, however incidentally, Paris Hilton just delivered her twenty-third: a mix of flower petals and neroli called “Rosé Rush.” Damn. Britney Spears, I’m heartbroken. It presents to me no bliss to embarrass you along these lines, yet I do trust you’ve picked up something — you should deliver aromas at a marginally faster movement.

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Spear’s twenty-second fragrance, “celebrity Private Show,” dispatched in July as a development to her 2016 aroma “Private Show.”

Midnight Fantasy
Midnight Fantasy

Britney Spears |Midnight Fantasy

Aroma: When the entirety of the aromas are lying in a heap on the bits of paper on which they were showered — my essential fragrance testing method, not that it’s any of your concern — this is the fragrance I smell the most intense. It is substantial and hearty. This fragrance is said to offer top notes of dark cherries, plum, and framboise, mid notes of night-blossoming orchid, iris, and freesia, and base notes of vanilla, musk, and golden. It smells like somebody shouting the aroma of dim purple blended in with a cherry’s clothing in your face in the evening.


Midnight Fantasy. I love it. Its right. It is the most very much named of the Fantasy fragrances; it is noon.

Is It A Ball Shape: Yes?

Scene It Evokes:

You are meandering through dull natural product timberland wearing a newly washed outfit at noon. The affection for your life, in worn-out garments, discovers you. “How could you discover me?” you inquire. “I could smell you,” they state. “Goodness…,” you state, hesitantly. “No, I don’t mean fundamentally bad, it’s simply — ” “No, it’s fine.” “No truly, I didn’t mean it… I recently implied that fortunately I could smell you and discover you in this woods.” “It’s fine.”

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