Bruce Lee early film career (before the big boss)

In 1971, Bruce Lee became a martial art with his first kung fu movie “The Big Boss”. This is his film career before the film.

Bruce Lee appeared in movies long before he became a martial arts star. Although the actor has been in the entertainment industry his entire life. He is mainly known for his Kung Fu films made between 1971 and 1973.

Bruce Lee starred in “The Green Hornet” as the protagonist Kato years. Began to cooperate with Hong Kong studio Golden Harvest to produce kung fu movies. His first film is “Big Boss”, this film tells a former martial artist who is forced to break his vows and stop fighting.

The movie was followed by “Fist of Fury” and then “Dragon’s Path”, where he confronted Chuck Norris in the greatest martial arts fighting scene ever.

Because of the success of “Dragon’s Path” and a strong interest in the Western Kung Fu genre, Warner Bros. Invited Lee, who is making “Game of Death,” to play the protagonist in “Into the Dragon Race”. The movie was not released until his death, but it consolidated his position as a top martial arts star.

This is the most familiar period in Lee Kuan Yew’s life, but the actor actually participated in the movie as early as 1941.

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Bruce Lee Father

 His father was a movie star himself, so he was able to let Lee Kuan Yew participate in the shooting of Hong Kong movies as a child actor. This started when the one-year-old Li was briefly used as a baby when he was hugged by an actor of the Golden Gate Girl. As a child actor, he played other roles in Hong Kong films in the 1940s, all of which contributed to the emergence of “The Kid” in 1950, which marked the first time Lee Kuan Yew was able to play a leading role. He was only nine years old at the time. More movies with major parts follow.

Li’s career continued into his boyhood. Li starred in “Orphan” at the age of 18.

 It was a boy whose poor choice made him go the wrong way. After the film was screened.

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